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Catrice Cosmetics Lip Dresser Lipsticks

I have to say I absolutely love it when brands with a low price tag take inspiration from high end brands in making and formulating their products and that’s exactly what Catrice Cosmetics did with these gorgeous lipsticks. Inspired by the very practical click button dispenser of the ByTerry Stylo Pens these lipsticks are probably some the best for popping into your handbag for on the go.


I have to stress that when it comes to taking inspiration from high end brands, the lower priced brand doesn’t always get it right in that they just simply copy the high end brand and stick their logo onto it. Catrice Cosmetics hasn’t done that with these, it’s simply taken the way the product is dispensed from the packaging and adapted it into it’s own brands aesthetic and design so well done Catrice.


Like I said the only thing that’s the same with these lippies as the ByTerry ones is the clickable dispenser that’s at the base of the pen/packaging. Other than that they are worlds apart. These lipsticks come in a gorgeous sleek black rounded tube that has a click-on lid which also holds the label as to what shade the lipstick is. I personally couldn’t resists picking up two of these because the shade range is so natural and faltering that all the shades can easily be worn on a daily basis without being over-done.


The first shade that I purchased is the shade 010 Simply Natural Perfection and this is a soft english rose shade that looks amazing on almost any skin tone. I personally found the formulation of these super comfortable on the lips. They definitely have a satin finish to them so they aren’t long lasting but I did find them to last well up until you decide to eat something.


The second shade that I have is 020 When the Sun Goes Brown and this is more of a mauve nude shade with a deep brown undertone running through it. I will say the only downside to these lippies is that you do only get 1.4 grams of product in the bullet which in comparison to a regular lippie, 6 grams, is only a quarter of the amount.


The Catrice Cosmetics Lipdresser lipsticks retail only for 5.50 euros each and can be bought from any Catrice Cosmetics stand as well as the Inish Pharmacy website which I have added the link to below.

-Talk Soon xx

Inish Pharmacy

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