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PS…Pressed Powders

When it comes to powders, I am never one to faff around much. I look for a good, finely milled powder that will set my foundation without causing it to become heavy looking or cake. It was that simple to me. Recently however I’ve been seeing many of my favorite bloggers and youtubers using powders that have a slight tint of colour to them to achieve certain finishes on their skin. It definitely got me intrigued so when I saw that Pennys/Primark had their version of these kinds of powders in store I decided to test them out.


Both of these powders come in the same packaging, a very sturdy compact made out of transparent acrylic plastic that surprisingly feels really high-end even though these have a price tag of 4 euros. These don’t have a mirror and to be honest that doesn’t bother me as much as it normally would because I wouldn’t take these powders with me on the go. I personally have found myself only using these within my initial application of makeup and then using a normal translucent powder for touch-ups throughout the rest of the day.


The first of these powders is the PS…Rice Pressed Powder and this I have been using for setting my concealer under my eyes specifically. Because of the yellow tone this powder has it creates a brightening effect which helps eliminate any darkness that the concealer didn’t from under the eyes. It also sets the concealer beautifully as both of these powders are super finely milled and go on super smooth upon application.


The second powder is the PS…Rose Pressed Powder and this I use all over the rest of my face. The rose tint in this powder is meant to add radiance to any dull or sallow skin. I have quite a yellow undertone to my skin, plus add that I’m super pale so I’m always looking for something to take that dullness out of my skin.

Comparing the two powders, I personally found that the rice powder did in fact brighten my under eye area, this one however I couldn’t honestly see a difference between it and my regular translucent powder that I use. So I would say if you’re thinking of investing in these kinds of powders to only go for the rice version.

-Talk Soon xx

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