💧💦 Wet Brush ðŸ’¦ðŸ’§

A few years ago if you were to ask anyone who knew anything about hair if it was okay to brush it while it’s wet they would have immediately glared at you before stating their answer with a simple no! Nowadays it’s a different story, now instead of shutting down the conversation most people will simply say get your hands on a Wet Brush. The Wet Brush is widely famous for having super soft flexible bristles that won’t damage the hair follicle like most brushes do when the hair is wet. It’s also perfect for detangling the hair as well.


I personally have been using the Wet Brush for the past month and have found that my hair doesn’t fall out as much anymore because I don’t have to be as harsh on it with the Wet Brush as I do if I was using a regular hairbrush. Furthermore it just makes things a whole lot quicker when you get out of the shower because you don’t need to go through the faff of having to wait for it to dry before brushing it.

The brush itself, when you look at it, is nothing remarkable. It looks like any regular hairbrush but I will say that it has changed the way my hair is maintained. I know it has the words Wet Brush on it but you can use this on dry hair too and it works just as well. The one that I have been trying out the past month is their Naturals Wet Brush in Dark Wood.



I have also been keeping one of their minis on my person wherever I go. It’s so handy for using when you’re in college or at a night out and need to fix any pesky flyaways that won’t lay flat. It also has a handy keyring so you can simply attach it to your keys. I have linked the Wet Brush website below because their brushes come in all shapes and sizes and retail for the most part under 20 euros, so they’re super affordable as well as great to use.

Let me know if you’ve ever used a Wet Brush and weather of not you found it any good or any different to a regular hairbrush.

-Talk Soon xx

Wet Brush Website

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17 thoughts on “💧💦 Wet Brush ðŸ’¦ðŸ’§

  1. I’ve heard of it, but never tried it before. I’m trained as a hairdresser so it was drummed in to me about not using brushes on wet hair. I must admit though, it would probably be great for my daughter who has very problematic hair when it’s wet xx

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