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E.L.F Lip Exfoliator

Lip scrubs are probably the easiest beauty product to get wrong. They can sometimes be too gritty and harsh on the lips or not have enough exfoliation to them so that they end up being pointless to use. Recently, while browsing Penneys (Primarks’ more cute name dubbed and used only here in Ireland), I discovered that they had installed an E.L.F Cosmetics stand and so I decided to pick up their Lip Exfoliator
to try.


Initially I picked it up in the flavour/taste that is Sweet Cherry and I have to say since getting this product I have been obsessed with it. The lip scrub comes in a very handy lipstick tube and it itself is shaped like a lipstick bullet, which makes it so easy to use. The texture of the scrub is nice and coarse but not overly so which means it gets rid of any flakiness but it doesn’t hurt or make your lips raw whilst doing so.


Because I loved it in Sweet Cherry I decided I needed to try out other flavours/tastes available so I got it in Mint Maniac as well. I personally still prefer the Sweet Cherry but I do like the Mint Maniac as well, it has the same texture and feel to it as the Sweet Cherry and works exactly the same on the lips. This makes me happy as it means the quality of the product is consistent regardless of the flavour.


These lip scrubs retail for 6.49 euros which is considerably cheaper than my normal lip scrub, Lush Cosmetic’s Bubblegum Lip Scrub, which retails for 13.49 euros a pot and is definitely harsher and more gritty than these. I also found these more moisturizing on the lips than the Lush Cosmetics ones.

I really do want to try more products from E.L.F Cosmetics so if you could leave any recommendations in the comments below that would be great.

-Talk Soon xx

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