Uriage Skincare

Uriage Eau Thermale is one of those skincare lines that is suitable for any skin types whether it’s oily, dry, sensitive or normal/combo. This is because it uses ingredients in its products that are pure, natural and completely hypo-allergic. Not only that but everything from their range feel exceptionally light and hydrating on the skin so it’s very comforting to use.


One of their cult products has definitely got to be their Thermal Water Spray which is a light hydrating water spray that you can use to refresh the skin. I find this perfect in summer when I’m feeling super hot and need something to cool me down, in winter when the weather completely soaks all moisture from the skin-this adds right back in.


It can be used before makeup to prep the skin as a nice hydrated base and it can also be used throughout the day over makeup just to revive it again. The sprayer itself spritz the water super finely. It can be used on babies as well should any be suffering from nappy rashes.


They’re under eye contour cream is great if you’re looking for a simple eye cream that doesn’t really do anything other than hydrate the eye area. This doesn’t have any anti-wrinkle properties to it and it doesn’t get rid of any black bags so if that’s what you’re looking for then stay away for this, it will disappoint. That said if you don’t have any problems with your eye area then this is a great choice just to plump up the skin surrounding the eyes.


It comes in a 15 ml tube that has a really thin nozzle to it. A drop of this is more than sufficient to tap into the under-eyes and the texture of it is just like water. It also gives a very nice cooling effect so if you do suffer from puffy eyes than popping this into the fridge and using it in the morning, works amazingly too!


Their Light Water Cream I’ve actually been using as my SPF sunscreen simply because I live in Ireland and an SPF of 20, which is what this has, is more than sufficent for our winter weather. I don’t recommend this as a sunscreen for the summer-you need something in the 50 region. This has such a thin consistency that using it first and then applying another moisturizer or foundation on over it doesn’t cause things to feel to thick.

Have you ever tried anything from the Uriage skincare range? Please let me know in the comments below!

-Talk Soon xx

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