Phyto ‘Phytoelixir’ Hair Oil

Hair Care is something I really struggle with when it comes to writing reviews about it on my blog simply because I am never truly loyal to a single haircare brand long enough for me to see a significant difference in my hair. Recently however I won a massive hamper containing a bunch of Phyto Haircare products and since then I have been using them non-stop so expect to see a bunch of upcoming posts from me about their products.


The product that I’m featuring for today’s post is the Phyto PhytoElixir which is basically their version of a hair oil. I absolutely love everything about this product, from the packaging to the actual oil itself. The packaging is gorgeous 75ml glass bottle that is see-through, meaning you can totally see when you’re going to run out. It has a pump dispenser which gives it even more brownie points as I’ve always found pipette droppers messy when it comes to oils.


The oil itself is actually a nice texture as it’s got that dry feeling to it so it really doesn’t make your hair feel greasy at all. Once you rub it into the ends of your hair, it soaks almost instantly and completely hydrates any brittleness the hair may have. As an added bonus it also smells amazing and though it says use twice a week, I’ve been using it everyday in morning and my hair has been loving it.

Let me know what you use to take care of your hair and keep it in good condition 🙂 any excuse to try new products!

-Talk Soon xx

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