Catrice Dawid Tomaszewski Collection

For those of you who don’t know who Dawid Tomaszewski is, he’s an art fashion designer and I’ll be quite honest before seeing this Catrice collection in stores I didn’t know who he was either and only really researched him because of this collection. To be frank knowing who he is isn’t really important other than when it comes to his obvious signature on the packaging of this collection and the colour selection. Everything else is down to the incredible formula’s that Catrice Cosmetics is well known for at an affordable price point.


Now I couldn’t get my hands on the entire collection unfortunately but hopefully the products that I am going to be reviewing in this post will be enough to give you guys an idea on whether or not the collection is for you. The main star of the collection is the Eye & Face Palette and this retailed for 9 euros which, considering it’s Catrice, was a bit up there in price in comparison to they’re normal pricing of 5.50 euros for LE Palettes.


The palette contains a highlighter, a blush and 8 eyeshadows plus a mirror which all come packaged in this amazing sleek rose-gold packaging. The highlighter is a great one if you’re more of a subtle highlight loving gal though if you layer it over another product in this collection than it is possible to get that highlight from space effect if you want.


The blush shade is a stunning coral shade that has been shot through with gold reflective shimmer. It’s very similar to both Nars Orgasm and Sleek’s Rose Gold Blush. Personally I found this shade very summery in colour so I would have preferred a more warm shade for the winter months.

Eyeshadow wise you get 4 shimmer shades, two satin and 2 mattes and all of them bar the sixth shade in the images above are highly pigmented and blend out beautifully. The sixth shade I personally found to be slightly chalky and had a lot of fallout when you go to blend it out on the eyes. It’s a palette with one dude unfortunately.


As I mentioned above, it is possible to get the highlight from space effect with the highlighter available in the palette if you layer over this highlighter from the same collection. This is the Glow Stick in the shade C01 Fashion Fash and it is a cream highlighter that gives a nice subtle glow on the cheeks.


Packaging wise it comes in this amazing rose gold triangle twist up tube, similar to the packaging of the Hourglass Stick Foundation. Texture wise I would compare it to that of a buttery lipstick. It is not chunky and has no glitter in it at all-just a nice luminous shimmer. I found it worked really well over foundation as it didn’t move it around at all and it also blended out beautifully.


This retailed for 5.50 euros which considering the quality of it and the packaging really isn’t that much of a pain to fork over for it.


Last two products that I have from the collection are both lip products and the first is the Eye and Lip Pencil in the shade C02 Violet for VICTOR-y. Now this product does say eye and lip meaning you could use it as an eyeliner if you wish but I personally found it too hard to use as an eyelid liner. When I popped it into the waterline it seemed to just disappear it nothing so I do recommend that you just ignore the eye part of the pencil.


On the lips however this pencil is amazing. Highly pigmented with a velvet texture to it. This makes it both hard and soft enough to get that perfect outline on the lips. I did find it to be a bit drying by the end of the day but that said I find some of my MAC Cosmetics Lip liners to be drying by the end of the day too.


Price wise this is only 3.50 euros and I believe it is available in another shade called C01 Glided Glitz.


There are I believe 2 lipstick shades in this collection and the second one is a red, and with me owning so many red lipsticks within my collection, I honestly couldn’t justify another one so I went with this dark violet shade. It also goes with the lip pencil above so it seemed like the smart choice.


This shade is called C01 Un-Conventional Violet and it’s very much a matte finish lipstick that looks amazing when layered over the lip pencil above. Though it’s matte this lipstick is not drying whatsoever and has amazing lasting power on the lips too. I found because it has a more hydrating formulation than the lip liner, when they’re layered together it stops the lip pencil from drying out the lips.


This collection is limited edition and as far as I know will only be available up until mid-November so if you want it, it’s best to try and get it fast.

-Talk Soon xx

Other products available in the Collection

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