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Essence ‘Hello Happiness’ Trend Edition

Even though January is considered to be the month that the New Year starts in, I always feel like September is the month where the year really starts. It’s probably because it’s the month that indicates the end of summer, the start of schools and colleges and the beginning of a new season. For me whenever September comes around, I love to re-vamp not only my wardrobe but also my makeup and brush collection and it just so happens that Essence Cosmetics seems to be in the same mindset as me with the launch of their new trend edition ‘Hello Happiness’


This trend edition is dedicated in it’s entirety to makeup brushes and keeping them clean, pristine and in great condition. The collection in total is composed of seven brushes in total along with a cute brush bag and brush cleansing soap for keeping your brushes clean. From this collection I was kindly sent the foundation brush and the cleansing soap. I did try to get some of the other brushes to add to this review but it seems they’re flying out of the stores like there’s no tomorrow.


The foundation brush is the smallest of the brushes handle-wise, coming almost like a travel brush to be frank. It has super dense and very tightly compacted bristles which stops it from absorbing to much of your foundation as it is applying it. Application wise it applies almost any base I’ve used with it (Urban Decay Naked Skin, Bareminerals BarePro, Garnier BB Cream and Rimmel Fresher Skin) flawlessly and without any brush stroke marks or streaking.


I did wash this brush after every application with the cleansing soap and it washes beautifully. No shedding and no soap residue remains on the brush either. Also the brush itself is super soft when you first get it-it stays soft even after washing. The cleansing soap I found worked really nice to remove almost all traces of makeup from this brush.


I did try it with some of my other brushes and found that with synthetic hair brushes it did great but with natural hair brushes it kind of left a residue on them. It made them feel almost plastic, like there was some sort of coating on the hairs of the brushes. The packaging of the cleansing soap does clearly state to use only with synthetic brushes but I personally never follow the rules when it comes to makeup and products. Also I simply rewashed the brushes my usual way with baby shampoo and they went back to normal.

essence hello happiness! brush bag open

I highly recommend these brushes and the cleansing soap for any of your synthetic brushes. They are amazing quality and that’s not the best part. Every single one of these brushes retails for less than 5 euros and with brushes being so expensive these days that’s definitely a bargain.

-Talk Soon xx

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