#PamperWeekend: L’oreal Hydra Genius Moisturiser

This is going to be part six of the my ongoing series #PamperWeekend where I basically show you all the amazing skincare products that I have been loving recently. Make sure to tweet me using the hashtag all the products you’ve been loving too so that I can get some more inspiration.

I hope everyone has been enjoying my new series so far but you can probably tell from it that I haven’t been having the best of luck with skincare in terms of moisturiser. Both the Urban Veda Purifying Moisturiser and the Environ Avst 1 Moisturiser were too thick for my skin and felt very greasy.


Recently while browsing the many aisles of Boots, I noticed that L’oreal Paris was after releasing a new moisturiser called Hydra Genius. Now this moisturiser has the words normal/combination skin so I thought it would be great to try out a moisturiser that was specifically designed for my skin type.


It was probably the best idea I’d ever had as I absolutely love this moisturiser and the way it feels on my skin. The packaging of it is this super sleek and very elegant glass bottle that has a pump dispenser to it. The colour of it is this lovely turquoise blue that is very eye-catching and looks super pretty on ones vanity.


The texture of this moisturiser is more of a gel than a cream. It uses Aloe Vera Water as it’s main ingredient so you can imagine how cooling and hydrating it is on the skin. You can use this moisturiser both morning and night but I personally have been using it at night instead of the Urban Veda one. The main reason for this is that it does have a slightly tacky feel to it once it dries down which I find really bothersome throughout the day. Asleep I honestly don’t care how it feels as long as there’s no residue in the morning and with this moisturiser there isn’t.


I highly recommend this moisturiser not just for normal/combo skin but for those who have both dry and oily skin as its so light and refreshing I think it would work for both. Price wise it’s mid range coming in at around 13 euros however I got it with it’s introductory price of 8.49 euros.

-Talk Soon xx

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