#PamperWeekend: Ko•To•Ha London

This is going to be part five of the my ongoing series #PamperWeekend where I basically show you all the amazing skincare products that I have been loving recently. Make sure to tweet me using the hashtag all the products you’ve been loving too so that I can get some more inspiration.

Ko•To•Ha London is a relatively new skincare brand that has only really been on the market for roughly two years. It’s a natural organic brand which means it only uses natural based ingredients in it’s products. Most of it’s ingredients are herbal and are obtained via the far east.  For me, this is the first time I’ve ever tried anything from this brand and I thought it would be a good idea to include it as part of my #PamperWeekend series as some of these products are absolutely amazing to use.


These first two products are actually hair products in that they are shampoo and conditioner. I have to say these are probably my favourite products out of the ones I own. Both the shampoo and conditioner use Tsubaki and Argan Oil as their active ingredients. The shampoo has a very oil like consistency to it, that if I’m honest had me worried at first that it would cause my hair to get oily too quickly after washing but it doesn’t. Instead it’s actually very hydrating and nourishing for the scalp. Because of it’s texture it doesn’t lather as much as other shampoos but the lather it does create is sufficient enough to clean the hair. I also found that my hair looked a lot more shiny afterwards and I think that’s probably because of the Argan Oil in it.


The matching conditioner has a completely different texture and consistency to it in that it’s more like your average cream conditioner. I only ever use conditioner on the ends of my hair as applying it to the scalp causes my hair to get oily the very next day (normally I get oily on 3rd day hair). I like this conditioner and I think it works great with the shampoo, I just don’t think it’s anything special. The shampoo is definitely something unique to this brand but the conditioner for me, I found comparable to your basic conditioner that you can get from your local supermarket.


The Moist Water from Ko•To•Ha London has a very misleading name to it in that I was expecting this to be a water spray similar to the Caudalie Hydrating Mist or La Roche Posay Zerosinc but it’s actual a toner. Probably the nastiest smelling toner I’ve ever used too but that said my skin absolutely loves this stuff. It’s so cooling and whenever I wipe it across my skin it absorbs almost instantly like my skin is craving for another swipe. I’ve actually decanted some of this into a little spray bottle and have taken to misting my face with it throughout the day because it’s just that good.

SAM_3256As a beauty junkie I am a huge fan of serums as they can be sometimes doubled up as primers under foundation. The Ko•To•Ha London Rejuvenation Serum is a great example of that. It has the consistency of milky water and when it’s rubbed into the skin it creates a lovely hydrating tacky surface that is perfect for layering your foundation/bb cream/tinted moisturiser over it.


Last product from this brand is probably the only one I didn’t like and it’s their Olive and Coconut hand cream. This is a very very very thick hand cream and one I would only subject to using at night directly before bed. I would have been okay with doing that if it wasn’t for the super over powering smell of it. It smells of olives as you can guess but it’s a very artificial scent that just didn’t work for me so this product, for me anyways, is a pass.


From this brand I would definitely have to say that both the shampoo and the moist water toner are must haves and I totally recommend them. The conditioner and the serum I also love but I think both these products can be found in other brands and possibly with a lower price tag.

-Talk Soon xx

Ko•To•Ha London Website

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