Clinique Johnathon Alder Collection

Seeing images online of this collection literally had me wishing for blistering summer heat, of course for the past 3 days we’ve had in Ireland (shocking I know) and I’ve barely survived it because it was just too hot! But I digress, this collection still remains stunning and it has captured the elements of summer perfectly all whilst teaming up with celebrity stylist and designer Johnathon Alder. This collection is limited edition and is available now on most Clinique counters.

-Talk Soon xx

Pop Lip Colour + Primer
22 dollars/2 euros approx.
Available in three shades.

“Jewel-like lipsticks in bold, saturated colours look as pretty on your lips as they do on your vanity.”


Lid Pop
20 dollars/18 euros approx.
Available in 4 shades

“Four shades of silky, long-wearing eye shadow with designer details; an exclusive Johnathon Alder print hot stamped on the lid and pressed into the powder.”

Cheek Pop
27 dollars/24 euros
Available in two shades


Luxe Brush Collection
49 dollars/44 euros

“Designer Johnathon Alder reimagined four best-selling makeup brushes with hot pink bristles and clear Lucite handles. Zip them into a bright pouch in one of signature prints.”


Great Skin by Design
89.50 dollars/80 euros

“A cleansing experience as stylish as it is effective. Set includes a sonic brush and travel case in a signature Johnathon Alder print, plus foaming sonic facial soap.”


Limited Edition Chic Colour Kit
39 dollars/35 euros


Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via the Clinique website and are for illustrative purposes only. All images remain property of Clinique™

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