Artistry Event

Back at the start of June I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Artistry Press Event up in Dublin at the Morrissons Hotel. This event was a chance for us bloggers to get to know a bit more about the brand and also to be introduced to some new launching products from them. I am no stranger to the brand Artistry and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you would have seen multiple reviews on their products but I shall of course link them below for any new readers.



The event as I said took place in the Morrissons Hotel which is located on the Ormond Quay in Dublin City Centre. The event to be an outdoorsy BBQ style type of thing but living in Ireland we where blessed with rain on the day and so everything had to be moved indoors.

There were tons of amazing treats on the day including non-alcoholic mocktails, finger-food and ICE-CREAM! Yes they had an actual ice-cream cart with over 7 different flavours to choose from.


After a bit of mingling, we were taking into the demonstration room where the skincare expert from the brand took us through a step by step facial using some of the key products from the line like their cleansing, eye gel and moisturiser.


Then the model was given a full natural glam look by the makeup artist Nikki Baker who was amazing at showing use little tricks to achieve the quick look.


The day was overall incredible and now I’m even more excited about the products coming to the Artistry brand in the future. All of Artistry’s products can be purchased directly from Amway’s website.

-Talk Soon xx

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