Bobbi Brown Follow the Sun Collection

With the summer months quickly approaching, it’ll literally be June on Thursday, a lot of brands are either releasing their Summer 2017 or getting ready to launch them. One of those brands happens to be Bobbi Brown. Now I’ve never ever featured Bobbi Brown on the blog, not even in a feature post but to be frank that was simply down to the fact that their products have never caught my interest. The Summer 2017 collection on the other hand is a capsule collection that can simply be deemed as ‘stunning’. As with all of these posts the prices, images and information about all of the products will be listed below.

Glow Stick
37 euros
Available in 8 shades

Glow StickShades:

  • Beach Babe
  • Bikini
  • Desert Sun
  • Island
  • Island Plum
  • Nude Beach
  • Sunkissed
  • Suntan

Limited Edition Eye Gloss
25.50 euros
Available in three shades

Eye GlossShades:

  • Beach Nude
  • Island Pink
  • Nude

Limited Edition Illuminating Bronzing Powder
37.50 euros






Santa Barbara

Limited Edition Lip Gloss
25.50 euros
Available in three shades

Lip GlossShades:

  • Popsicle
  • Citrus
  • Bare Sparkle

This collection is available now at all Bobbi Brown counters and online on the Bobbi Brown website.

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via the Bobbi Brown Website and are for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain. All images remain property of Bobbi Brownβ„’




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