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Basic Beauty Tools Superdry Sponge

Ever since the day the Beauty Blender made it’s iconic appearance into the beauty community, sponges have been the go to tool for applying ones makeup. There have been a lot of dupes since it’s release but some companies, such as Basic Beauty Tools have gone a whole different route and designed a sponge that is unique to their brand and niche.


The most unique thing about Basic Beauty Tools approach to the design of their sponge is the holder that stores it. This holder is called the Spongedry and it’s a means of placing your sponge in a area, that isn’t an unhygienic surface and keeping it clean until it dries after use.


The Spongedry holder is super compact and slim and can be reverted from holder form to a flat set-up in order to slot it into the travel pouch that it comes with. This means that you can take your Spongedry stand wherever you go, to any hotel room, to any vacation home and still have a place to keep your sponges safe and bacteria free.


The holder can be used for any brand of sponge, not nessacary the Basic Beauty Tools sponges though I have to say the Basic Beauty Tools Foundation Blender is one of the nicest sponge that I have used in a while. I typical use the inexpensive sponges from The Makeup Gallery (which is a brand available in Dealz Ireland Stores), and these sponges have the same bouncy texture and softness to them that those do.


Basic Beauty Tools sell these sponges in various different colours, and the same goes for the holder. So if purple isn’t your favourite colour like it is mine, you can totally pick up the Spongedry in white or black or pink depending on your preference. I have linked the Basic Beauty Tools website below in case you wish to pick up one for yourself. Keep in mind that both the holder and sponge come together so it’s definitely good value for your buck.

-Talk Soon xx

Basic Beauty Tools Website

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