Klorane Dry Shampoo

Sometimes I’m lazy! I know that’s a weird statement of fact to use to start of this blog but it’s true and I’m sure I’m not the only one. My laziness can result in me not doing the laundry, not bothering to cook and beauty wise, skimping on the washing of my hair. For days like those my hero product has got to be dry shampoo! I’m generally a creature of habit when it comes to dry shampoo and use brands I know, like Batiste and Aussie but recently I was sent a new dry shampoo by the brand Klorane and have been trying it out since I got it.


Klorane have three different types of dry shampoo within their range. I was sent two, and the first of them is their original version. This is an amazing dry shampoo. It feels super light-weight when sprayed into the hair and it leaves absolutely no white powder or residue behind. I found that it refreshed my hair within minutes of me spraying it in.

I personally know when I’m going to be too lazy to wash my hair the next day, so I tend to spray dry shampoo into my hair right before I go to sleep so it can soak up the oils overnight. This worked even better with that technic though if you forget it still gives you fresh hair in the morning. I found it worked great on second day hair and third day hair but after that you really do need to stop being lazy! 😅 .


The second version of their dry shampoo that Klorane sent me is their Natural Teint version. This dry shampoo has a peach/flesh coloured tint to it so that when it’s sprayed onto the roots it simply blends in with the scalp. I personally didn’t like this version nor did I get it, because they have a clear version why bother with a tinted one. Also the powder of the tint was really hard to get blended in with the scalp. It still worked the same in freshen up the hair as the clear version it just had a horrible powder to it.

Klorane also have a dry shampoo for those of us who have a super oily scalp and I will link it below, as well as linking where you can purchase these dry shampoos as I highly recommend them.

-Talk Soon xx

Klorane Website

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