Blue Sky Tag-11 Questions

I want to say a huge huge thank you to Avril from the blog A Paler Shade of Beauty for nominating me for this tag. Avril is an amazing beauty blogger, and constantly uploads amazing content to her blog, all while battling with Lyme Disease-so major brownie points to her. If you don’t follow her already, please do!


This tag has really been created just as a way for you the readers of this blog to get to know more about me the blogger. Before we jump in to the questions that Avril has chosen for me, let’s get the rules out of the way:

  1. Thank the person who has nominated you
  2. Answer the 11 questions asked
  3. Tag 11 bloggers
  4. Pass on a set of questions for them to answer

Now on to the fun bit and that’s the questions!

What is your favourite lipstick?
This is probably the easiest question ever! Which is probably a surprise considering how many lippies I actually try out for this blog. My favourite lippie is actually the one I wore on my wedding day and that’s MAC Russian Red lipstick. I think I will forever have this lipstick in my collection.

Who was the first blogger you followed?
The very first blogger I ever followed was actually before I ever started this blog and that was the gorgeous Fleur Bell from Fleur De Force. I absolutely love Fleur and think her content and YouTube videos are always so fresh and amazingly edited.

What does blogging mean to you?
Blogging to me really means a lot because it’s simply the main way I can achieve any time to myself with something that I love. I’m married and with marriage comes the maintenance of a household so I don’t always have time for hobbies but blogging gives me that outlet

How did you come up with your blog name?
My real name is Thuraya but my family, ever since I was four has always called me So So which has the Arabic meaning of adorable. I also like everything that is sophisticated in life and so the name So Sophisticatedbeauty was born.

What shoe size are you?
Random! 😛 lolz but I’m a size 6/39

What is your best feature about yourself?
I’ll be honest, it’s definitely has to be my chest! It makes any low cut top I wear look amazing and I like that it makes sweetheart necklines extra sexy 😉 .

What is you favourite thing to do to relax?
Also easy! Read. Currently I’m reading Apprentice in Death by Nora Robert (under the pseudonym J.D.Robb) which is a fiction crime novel.

Who is the one famous person you would like to meet?
I’ve actually already met her: Sali Hughes! and you can read all about that here: Meeting Sali Hughes

What is your biggest luxury?
That would have to be jewellery. I’m the type of person who likes good jewellery that doesn’t lose it’s colour or dull after a while. As a result I can tend to walk into Pandora and drop 200 euros in a single day just picking out jewellery.

What is your biggest achievement?
It would have to be the BSc (H) degree in Pharmaceutical Science that I sweated, cried and screamed in agony to get through. But it was worth it because it’s honestly thought me so much!

What is your dream/ultimate goal?
This is a hard question because I honestly don’t know. In life, I hope that I can continue to life happily with my hubby. In my blog, I hope it can continue to grow and in my studies, next year I’m back in college so it’s just a wonder to me as it is to you guys as to were I’ll end up in the end.

Those are all the questions that Avril set up for me to answer and now here are the bloggers that I have nominated to do this tag also!

And here are my 11 Questions for you guys!:

  1. What’s your favourite holiday destination
  2.  Your top recommendation for brushes
  3. How organised are you?
  4. Are you lazy?
  5. Chocolate or Fruit?
  6. What did you study in college & if you didn’t why did you leave?
  7. Favourite pair of shoes
  8. What inspired you logo design
  9. What’s your goal for your blog
  10. Favourite beauty brand
  11. Guilty Pleasure 😉

Looking forward to all of your posts and thank you again Avril ♥

-Talk Soon xx

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