Nail HQ Cuticle Oil

Taking care of my nails is not something I tend to do on a regular basis. I’m the type of person who files their nails when their short so that the nail grows into that shape. I do wear a base coat and a top coat when I decide to paint them. The minute one of my long nails breaks I chop off the rest and the re-growing process starts again. I have recently however discovered the benefits of using a cuticle oil as part of my nail care regimen. The main reason why my long nails tend to break is because as they grow they become more brittle and so they begin to snap off. Since I started using a cuticle oil my nails have grown longer and healthier plus it has also added a nice shine to them. The one I’m currently using is the NailHQ Cuticle Oil which has almond oil as it’s main ingredient.


The cuticle oil comes in typical nail polish packaging and even has a nail polish brush as it’s applicator. If the words cuticle oil weren’t written across it you would probably think is was a cool shade of yellow nail polish. I personally think they should have made the applicator a dropper instead of a brush just to give it a distinguishable bottle from nail polish.


The oil itself is very thin and when its applied it absorbs almost instantly. I found that there was no greasiness associated with it as an oil whatsoever. The way I like to apply it is by popping a drop of it onto the nail bed and then massaging it into the actual nail gently using my finger. It has a nice citrus lemon scent to it that is rather nice.

I personally have really enjoyed using this product on my nails. It conditions the nails beautifully and makes them look nice and hydrated plus it gets rid of the brittleness that tends to happen as they grow.

-Talk Soon xx

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