Beauty Belle Eye Masks

I have to say that after I had tried the Beauty Belle Snow Algae Mask on my skin and seen how much of an improvement it has made it to, I couldn’t wait to try out their Timeless Truth Bio Cellulose Eye Mask. This mask has only to claims to it in that it’s supposed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and make your under eye area look more radiant. When it comes to under eye masks I tend to only really use them before I have to apply on a heavy makeup look as they tend to ensure my under eye area doesn’t crease. I recently had a friends birthday so I thought t was about time I put these to the test.


Like all sheet masks and eye masks, this also comes in the traditional single use sachet packaging. I like the gold tone that they used for the colour scheme, it gives this product a very high-end feel to it. Inside the packet you receive the pre-soaked eye patches inside a nice plastic try.


The patches themselves are your typical kidney shaped patches that fit perfectly under the eye area. I found these very cooling and hydrating on the skin when I first applied them. I left them on for roughly 20 minutes and afterwards my undereye definitely felt plumper and more hydrated. Any fine lines that Iย had were highly minimised and even some of the darkness of my dark circles was reduced. Very Impressed!


The fabric of these patches is slightly thicker than any of the other eye patches that I normally use and to be honest that just made me like these all the more. A packet of these retails for 4.47 euros a packet and is available via the Beauty Belle website which I have linked below.

-Talk Soon xx

Beauty Belle Website

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