Essence SS17 P2

Essence Cosmetics is one of the most affordable brands available these days on the market. And though they are affordable they still make super high quality makeup that I personally love. For the Spring and Summer months they have decided to revamp their collection and bring out a bunch of new permanent items. All of these items can be seen in the over view post that I did here: Essence Spring Summer 2017. I, myself got a tad bit over excited about the new products and went out and purchased a few of them, and a review of those products can be found in part 1: Essence SS17 . Recently I was lucky enough to be sent another few items from the line and to frank their just as good as the ones that I have already tried out.


Probably one of the more popular introductions to the Essence range is their Eye & Face Palettes. Their are two palettes in the range and I have it in 02 Rise &Shine which is the more colourful of the two.

Both palettes come with four eyeshadows, one highlighter and one blush shade making it such a versatile palette and very good for travelling. The packaging is composed of this robust acrylic plastic that really is of a high quality. It doesn’t have a mirror so it does loss points for me there.

The eyeshadows come in two formulations, matte and shimmer and for me I personally found the shimmer shadows to have more pigmentation. First shadow is a nice highlighting champagne shade that works great for under the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eye. Shadow 2 is a perfect matte brown for taking through the crease. Shadow three is this lovely lavender pink shade that is so pretty on the eyelids. This shade literally screams spring to me. The only shade I didn’t like was the grey. Don’t get me wrong, it has the same great formulation the others but it just felt out of place in this palette, like it was just popped in to fill a space.

The highlighter from this palette is one that I would call a natural highlight. If your looking that intense wet looking highlight that you can see from space than this definitely won’t work for you. I personally found it really nice as a daily highlighter, it’s intense enough to give you a nice highlight but still remain subtle. Formulation wise I found it super buttery and smooth. It blended into the skin beautifully.

My favourite part of this palette has got to be the blush shade! I have to say this is probably a perfect dupe for both the Nars Orgasm Blush and the Sleek Rose Gold blush. Shade wise it’s that perfect spring pink with a stunning gold shimmer running through it. See how I said shimmer, no chunky glitter at all and it blends just as beautifully as the highlighter.

In the past Essence has always disappointed me with their base products so even as a fan of the brand I tend to steer clear of them. I will say I am willing to give their base products another chance after using the Essence Instant Matt Foundation. I have it in the shade 30 Matt Vanilla which is a definitely a few shades too dark for me but I tried it out anyway just so I could check out the coverage and the lasting power of it.

Formulation wise this has a rather thick texture to it. Definitely not one to use if your looking for something light on the skin. That said it does have a high coverage to it. I found that it did slightly cling to some of the dry skin around my nose. It probably is more suited for people with oiler skin than me (I’m normal/combo). I did however love the how perfected my skin looked with it on, and it lasted really well for 8hrs straight without breaking down.

For this launch Essence really went to town with their mascaras. They launched a total of three new mascaras, each with a different formulation. The one I have to show to you today is the Volume Stylist Lash Extension Mascara. This is a fibre mascara that is meant to add tiny fibres to the ends your lashes to volumize them and make them look fuller. Now I don’t know about the fibres because I didn’t see any but this is a really nice mascara for creating amazingly long and thick lashes in just two coats.


The mascara itself comes in this cool purple metallic tube that has a rubberized handle to the mascara wand so it’s easier to hold and work with. The bristles are natural bristles which I definitely prefer. I’m not a fan of those plastic bristle mascaras at all.

The brush also has this twisted effect to it which I’m guessing is designed to create that volume to your lashes. For me this mascara worked great, it gave me long thick lashes and my only issue with it was that I had to wait a minute for it to dry.

Last of these Essence products that I have is one of their new Shine Shine Shine lipglosses in the shade 03 Friends of Glamour which may look like a boring purple pink lipgloss in the bottle. Let me set you straight and they you it’s not. It’s actually this gorgeous dual-chrome shade that comes out pink and has this intense indigo hue running through it.

There are over 10 shades within the range of these lipglosses so if such an intense colour isn’t your thing, they definitely have more natural colours to choose from. The applicator is your typical sponge tip and I found that the lipgloss went on super smooth onto the lips. It was a bit sticky in texture but the shade of it was just gorgeous.

This release from Essence as I’ve said is huge, and they have some amazing products for an affordable price. I highly recommend you guys check out these products. Also let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried anything from the range that I haven’t yet…any excuse will do 😉

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: Some of the products featured on this site have been sent for review consideration by brand PR teams, however all opinions and comments are the authors. Any sponsored content (paid for product placement) will be clearly marked as such. All opinions remain the authors own, even when the content is sponsored.

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