Environ Youth Essential Eye Gel

For reference before I begin this review I thought I should mention that I have combination skin that is a mixture of normal/oily (it gets oily in my t-zone around the summer) and that I don’t suffer from any major skin concerns and I know I’m lucky because of that. I’m in my mid-twenty’s and because age is a bummer I’ve started to have really small fine lines and pores appear round my eye area and a few insignificant lines around my mouth from laughing but I actually like those. My skincare regimen consists of your basic cleanser, toner, serum/moisturiser with the odd mask thrown in during the week. What’s missing…? An Eye product!


The main reason why I skimp on the eye products is because I find most of them to really be heavy and thick. I really don’t like to feel anything around my eye area because I naturally have very sensitive eyes. The great thing about the Environ Youth EssentiA is that it’s actually an eye gel and the consistence of it is very much like water.


The eye gel comes in a 10 ml silver tube that has a clear slit window on the side in order for you to be able to see how much is left and when your almost out. The tube also has a pump dispenser which I love as it reduces the risk of bacterial contamination. Upon initial application of the eye gel, I did experience a slight tingling sensation but not too overboard and it faded after a few seconds to a nice cooling effect.


The gel does come out of the tube a milky white shade but it does go onto the skin clear with a slight shiny film to it. I did find it to sink in quickly but it did leave a tacky residue on the skin. This goes away the minute you apply moisturiser over top. Always apply moisturiser after any eye product in order to allow the eye product to penetrate the eye skin sufficiently.

All in all I was very happy with this eye gel, the consistency of it is nice and light. I haven’t experience any irritation or sensitivity with it whatsoever and it absorbs into the skin quickly. Definitely recommend as a purchase if your looking to invest in a new eye cream.

-Talk Soon xx

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