✋Hand Mask!? 🤚

Face masks are something in this day and age that we use at least once if not twice a week. Sheet face masks have very recently become exceptionally popular due to Korean beauty trends. For those of you who don’t know what a sheet mask is it’s simply a pre-soaked lightweight fabric that can then be applied to the face for roughly 20 mins before peeling off. I, myself love sheet masks and have reviewed quite a few of them on my blog including very recently the  Beauty Belle Snow Algae Mask.


Due to how popular face sheet masks have become, skincare brands, especially those that specialize in masks, have started releasing sheet masks for other areas of the skin such as under eye patches and lip masks and I’ll have upcoming posts and reviews for my favourites coming up soon. Most recently however I got sent a hand mask by the brand BeautyPro and after trying this out I really think more brands need to start making them.


The mask comes as a single use sachet that contains two gloves, one for each hand. The glove is a dual layer, with the top layer being dry and the bottom layer being the pre-soaked light weight fabric. I was worried when I first got this hand mask that the gloves were going to be soaked and the moment I popped them on start dripping everywhere but because of the dual layers it doesn’t have that problem what so ever.


The main ingredient in this mask is collagen and their really targeted for dry and worn out hands. I myself find my hands get dehydrated from consist use of detergent liquid when I’m doing the dishes as I don’t like to work with gloves on. The hand mask does feel cold when you go to insert your hand into it initially but then after a while the gel heats to your body temperature and begins to soak into the skin.


An interesting feature of these gloves is that they’ve got removable fingertips to them meaning you can go on Twitter (@SooSoBeauty) or browse Instagram (SooSoBeauty) while the hand mask does it’s thing. The instructions state to leave them on for 20 mins but I honestly left them on longer. Totally recommend popping on an episode of your fav show and watching it while this mask is working.


Afterwards my hands felt super soft and completely rehydrated and plump. Even my nails appearance improved if I’m honest. My only grip with it is that after you take the gloves off it does take around an hour or so for the excess to sink in. You can of course wait as I did or wash it off. Either way your left with the softest hands ever.

Let me know what masks you’ve recently tried so I can give them a go also!

-Talk Soon xx

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