Kiko Milano Less is Better

Kiko Milano is officially celebrating it 20th anniversary in the beauty and cosmetic industry. To mark the occasion they have decided to release some new makeup in the form of limited edition collections. Seven collections to be exact and each collection is in collaboration with an up and coming designer in order to give them more recognition in the world. The collections are set to be released one by one, month by month. For the first collection they have decided to partner up with the designers of the brand SuperDuper Hats which is a brand that focuses on simplicity and the whole less is more idea. Because of that this collection is very nude toned and minimalistic.

-Talk Soon xx

Fluid Highlighter
11.95 euros
Available in two shades

“Fluid highlighter with a light, strobing effect. Silky, sensory stimulating texture in an ultra-weight emulsion.”

Cream Blush
8.95 euros
Available in two shades

“Water-based Cream Blush.”

Eyeshadow Palette
11.95 euros

“Eyeshadow palette with nine nude shades.”

Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick
6.95 euros
Available in three shades

“Long Lasting eyeshadow stick in nude shades”

Matte Lipstick
Available in four shades

“Fluid Make-up with ultra matte finish.”

Konjac Sponge
5.95 euros

“Exfoliating cleansing sponge, in natural konjac Suitable for both normal and sensitive skins.”

14.95 euros

“A unique, handy, roomy, transparent pochette ideal for travelling and for carrying Less is Better products with you everywhere you go.”

Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via brand PR representatives and are for illustrative purposes only. All images remain property of Kiko Milanoβ„’

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