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Lipliner 💋 over Lipstick ðŸ’„

When it comes to choosing what to pop on my lips after my makeup look is complete, I almost always reach for a lipstick. Lipstick for me has what I’m looking for, high pigmentation, instant colour and of course there is nothing better that using a strong lipstick for that statement look. Now normally I’m not one to line my lips, I tend to find most lipliners hard and very waxy when it comes to their application.


Isadora Sculpting Lipliners are not the same! They are retractable lipliners, that have the most creamy and pigmented formulation I’ve seen from a lipliner (and that includes the ones from Urban Decay). I’ve actually been using these because of their formulation and longevity in place of my lipsticks and just filling my entire lip with just the liner itself.


I have four shades from the range and to be honest it’s been extremely hard to choose a favourite. That being said I do have a favourite and it’s the shade 68 Rum Raisin. Like I said I’m a lover of a statement lip and this helps me get that without giving me sore chapped lips the next day. These do have a matte formula but they are non-drying on the lips.


I’ve also found them to be transfer resistant as well and they don’t fade or rub off after eating (with the exception of really greasy foods but every lip product goes with that kind of food). The shade 68 Plum Raisin is a gorgeous deep vampy purple shade that is very similar to both MAC Smoked Purple and Urban Decay’s Blackmail lipsticks.


The other strong shade that I have from the range is the shade 64 True Red and as the name states this is very much a classic Marilyn Monroe red. I love combining this with a simple cat eye flick for that typical Hollywood glamour look. These liners do come sharpened but I guess the only real flaw in their packaging would be the fact that they don’t have a built in sharpener at the base of them.


Speaking of packaging I really like how they made the lids the same colour as the corresponding shade of the lip liner. I know myself if I have more than the same kind of lipstick I always pop the wrong top onto the lipstick.


Moving on to more of a neutral shade, 52 Praline is a gorgeous slight red undertoned brown nude. Though it may not look it in the packaging this is very much a great shade for achieving the very on trend Kylie Jenner brown lip look.


It’s also very versatile in that it’s great as a low maintenance work shade, an interview shade. Because the formulation of these are so creamy and soft, they go onto the lips in less than a minute so it’s more that possible to pop on these before the school run with a splash of mascara.


The final shade that I have is the shade 22 Nude Rose and this is probably the one that I have least reached for out of the four. The formulation is the same as the others and the pigmentation, longevity, everything. It’s simply because I don’t like to wear pink anything, and this shade on the lips gives you that old English Rose pink velvet lip look.


I personally have been loving these lip liners, been wearing them everyday that I wear makeup. I do wish they had more than the standard 0.3 grams that you get in a lipliner simply because of their creamy formulation they tend to get used up rather fast. Retail price for these is 10.50 euros which is reasonable in my opinion considering I think of them as lipsticks rather than lipliners.

What’s your favourite? Lipstick or lipliner? or both? I feel like it’s a never ending question and the answer is never the same even from two best friends.

-Talk Soon xx

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