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Worth The Hype!?

Suzanna Jackson can probably be considered to be one of Ireland top bloggers and because of that influential status sheĀ hasĀ her own makeup line with anĀ army of royal followers behind it. Me, personally when it comes to the blogger herself, am indifferent as I’ve never met her in person and her style really isn’t anywhere near what I like so I tend notĀ to follow her on social media. Her makeup products however have always had rave reviews especially her iconic contouring palette. I’m not a contouring person as you guys well know if you’ve been visiting my blog for awhile now but I was gifted this palette as a prize when I attended the Flormar Event Dublin! #FabulousFlormarĀ and so I’ve done my best to try it out.


The palette is presented in slim cardboard packaging and has six shades inside it that can all be used to achieve the “perfect” contour look. Considering that the palette retails for 19.95 euros I think that the brand could have upped the price 2 euros and made the packaging a tad bit more robust. You don’t get a mirror, instead you get a very detailed explanation of how each shade is applied and where to put it is illustrated via the model image who is Suzanne Jackson herself. That, I like because it shows how immersed she is in her products and theĀ making of them.


Four of the shades are cream and the other two are powder. You get two concealing shades, two contour shades and 2 highlighting shades. Shade 1 is a concealing shade and I absolute hate it as a concealer. I have never experience such a cakey concealer in my life. It fills in every single pore andĀ fine lineĀ and exaggerates it. This is made even worse when you go to set itĀ with shade 3Ā of the palette.


Shade 2 of the palette is a contouring shade, and this is such a pain to blend. It literally takes forever, and you need to blend it like a crazy person becauseĀ otherwise it’s just this orange strip on your face. Yes, this raved about palette has a contouring shade with an orange undertone! Have no clue how it got to be considered as a universal palette that can be used on any skin tone becauseĀ the contouring shadesĀ are simply to dark on fair skin.


The shade that is good for fair skins is the shade 4 which is the second concealing shade in the palette. Though it’s a good shade, because it’s the second concealing shade it has the same problem as shade 1 in that it settles into fine lines and pores and simply makes them look worse than they actually are.


Shade 3 isĀ aĀ matte highlighting powder that is meant to be used to set your under-eye concealer. When used with the concealer in this palette it just doesn’t work. I will sayĀ though it does look lovely when using it with another brand concealer. I’ve tried it with my YoungBlood ConcealerĀ and it looks stunning with it.


Shade 5 isĀ probably the only real shade that I like from this palette. It’s a stunning rose-gold cream highlight that looksĀ amazing on theĀ topsĀ of the cheekbones. I have used this layered under powder highlighter and makes the powder on top just pop. Honestly beautiful but I wouldn’tĀ buy this paletteĀ just for the highlight.


Last shadeĀ is a powder version of shade 2. It’s a bitĀ more cool toned and ashy so I’d say if you went in with a light hand it would look nice. Personally I think I prefer just to use something more guaranteed to give me the effect that I want.

Is this palette worth the hype? I think not, most of these shades are duds in my opinionĀ and the one that isn’t, ain’t worth the price of the palette.Ā If you were to use this palette the way SuzanneĀ Jackson states and illustrates on the flap cover than I think the end result would just be an overdone cakey face of makeup.

Have you guys tried this palette? I know some people love so let me know. She’s also recently released a highlighting palette and I really am tempted but after this disaster I’m a bit cautious.

-Talk Soon xx

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