Nugg Beauty Eye Masks

I’ve taken a break from trying out the Nugg Beauty facial masks to test out their Eye Masks. If your interested in reading my thoughts on the facial masks that I’ve tried out from the range than I’ve linked them at the end of this post. For reference for this post I am a sufferer of really dark circles under my eyes. I have a small amount of fine lines around my eyes that unfornately have come with age. My many reason for using these masks is to try and reduce the darkness and to smooth out the skin surrounding the eye.


A packet of the Nugg Beauty Eye Masks comes with 6 sachets of single use product (though I found even when trying to apply a thick layer you really only use half of the sachet for both eyes) and 12 patches made of a really breathable fabric that ensure maximum absorption of the product into the skin. The product has a very gel like texture to it that when applied onto the skin gives an instant cooling sensation without the need to put them into the fridge (though if you do put them into the fridge this sensation is amplified).


The product is nice and light on the skin and I liked that they made the fabric light as well. Initially I felt a slight sting to my under eye are when it came to them but that faded after roughly 30 seconds. They say to leave them on for 15 mins but personally I left them on for a good hour before peeling them off. I do thoroughly recommend these for sleeping in. My skin afterwards appeared a lot more hydrated which reduced the darkness around and really smoothed out the skin. The main selling point with these masks is that their great for depuffing the eye area and I completely back that claim especially if you decide to store them in the fridge and use them first thing in the morning (great for using after a long night out too)

The eye mask retails for roughly 12.99 euros and you can get them from Castle Pharmacy here in Waterford. It is also available for purchase from the Nugg Beauty website. Have you ever tried these? Or any other eye masks? please recommend in the comments below.

-Talk Soon xx

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2 thoughts on “Nugg Beauty Eye Masks

    1. It’s honestly one of the nicest mask brand I know. They make awesome masks that really are suitable for any skin type and can be used on the go. These eye masks are especially lovely if you suffer from tired eyes like I do xx Glad yo enjoyed the read hun!


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