Catrice Marina Hoermanseder Collection

Catrice Cosmetics have gone and done it again, releasing one of the most beautiful collections for the Spring. They have decided to collaborate with one of Berlin’s most famous fashion designers, Marina Hoermanseder. Now Marina is a designer that is well know for her signature design of including buckle styled belt details in all her clothing pieces and this is also reflected in this collection. Unlike most of my Catrice Cosmetics posts that I tend to do, in which I just use images for the products, today I actually have two products from the collection to review for you guys. I will of course pop information about the other pieces from the collection below also.


As it’s a spring collection all the colours used for both the packaging and the products are light, pastel shades that really bring forth the idea of Spring. The eyeshadow palette, and I’ll be honest, I initially thought this was a blush, is presented beautifully in this rose gold compact that has a pink buckle belt design on the front. It has a mirror so major thumbs up from me. Inside you get four different shades of eyeshadow and they all have a embossing of, you guessed it buckle belts.


The shadows themselves are super soft and buttery texture wise. The shades themselves really complement each other both on the eyes and in the pan. This palette really only let’s itself down when it comes to the actual pigmentation of the eyeshadows. The only one that has really any colour to it is the dark brown shade. The others are just a shimmer shadow tinted with the shade of the eyeshadow. They don’t really give any high intense colour at all.


I personally would prefer this had she marketed it as a highlighter than an eyeshadow palette as the pink and gold shade look stunning on the tops of the cheekbones and in the inner corner.


That said there is actually a highlighter within the collection and I have to say if you only want to buy one item from the collection get the highlighter. It’s simply stunning!!  Rather than being a pressed powder this highlighter actually comes in the form of highlighting pearls and so the packaging is actually a jar instead of a compact.


The lid of the jar has Marina’s signature design embossed on it in rose gold along with her actual signature. That is something that comes on all the products, her signature which I think is a nice personally touch on her behalf.


The highlighter is a mixture of white iridescent and pink iridescent pearls that when mixed together give a very intense, very pigmented silver shimmer shade. If I had to compare it to anything already on the market it would be to the Bareminerals Glow Powder that was just recently released. The eyeshadow palette retailed for 5.50 euros and the highlighting pearls for 4.50 euros and are available until the end of the April. Remember this collection is Limited Edition so if you want anything from it you must get it quick. The rest of the collection is below along with the prices of everything.

-Talk Soon xx

Lip Colour
5.50 euros
Available in two shades

“Two lipsticks with a creamy formula for glossy lips-soft nude and pink with intensive colour dispersion.”

Cream Blush
4.50 euros

“The creamy texture of the blush has a light, powdery finish and blends effortlessly.”

Catrice Marina Hoermanseder Cream Blush
C01 Blushed Blossom

Nail Laquer
3.50 euros

“Longlasting nail polishes in four spring shades with a matt or glossy finish.”

Beauty Bag
5.50 euros

“The soft touch bag with a unique belt design offers space to store the most important beauty companions.”

HighCatrice Marina Hoermanseder Beauty Bag

Highlighting Brush
4.95 euros

“The premium, soft and thick bristles are ideal for applying and blending powder textures.”

Disclaimer: All HD images used in this post have been acquired via brand PR representatives and are for illustrative purposes and hence belong to Catrice Cosmetics™. All other images belong to the author of this blog.


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