Dr. PAWPAW is a brand that is known for having created the first ever fragrance free, multi-use balm. These balms can literally be used on hands, lips, cuticles, tips of the hair and on any cracked/dry skin areas of the body. Recently the brand has been awarded with the PETA seal of approval and is officially cruelty-free. It always has been cruelty-free but now the brand can prove it.


The most famous balm out of their range is the Original Balm due to it being completely clear, fragrance free and great for sensitive skin. The main ingredient in Dr. PawPaw balms is Carica Papaya which is also known as fermented Paw Paw hence where it’s name comes from. Texture wise this balm is very similar to Vaseline but it doesn’t have that petroleum scent to it nor is it quite as thick as Vaseline tends to be.



This balm is also available in three different tinted versions and to be honest these ones aren’t as multi-use as the clear original version. They can only really be used on the lips as a hydrating lip balm and as a cream/gel blush. The shade Peach Pink has the thickest texture and consistency out of all of them. It feels more like a cream than a balm. That said it also has the highest colour pay-off and looks really pretty and fresh on the cheeks. Perfect for the coming summer months.


The shade Ultimate Red is my favourite for applying onto the lips as a lipbalm. It gives a subtle tint of red to the lips that looks nothing short of natural. Surprisingly these balms do last quite a long time on the lips and cheeks which I wasn’t expecting because of the slip they have to their formulation. I’ve found these last a good solid four hours even if you eat and drink.


Last of the shades is actually limited edition and it’s really just the shade Ultimate Red with added sparkle. These for me is a great topper over lipstick as it adds the sparkle effect to it and keeps the lips moisturised all at the same time. The packaging is also the coolest out of them all as it has this god sparkle effect to it.


These balms retail for roughly 8.99 euros and are available from most pharmacies. I’ve even started to notice that mini versions of them have come into Primark/Pennys which make them even better for popping into the handbag for on the go.

-Talk Soon xx

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