Artistry Modern Icon Collection

One of my favourite brands Artistry has recently come out with a new limited edition collection called Modern Icon for spring 2017. This collection really embodies the idea of gorgeous fresh makeup in six beautiful products. Artistry really would be considered a high end makeup brand so none of these products are considered cheap price wise however they all deserve their price as the ones that I have tried perform beautifully. I was lucky enough to have gotten sent two out of the six products from the collection. All of the products come in the most elegant packaging and are detailed with this lovely fuschia coloured band.


The first product is by far the one that took the most time for me to get my thoughts around it simply because it’s not the easiest product to test out for review purposes. This is the Artistry Signature Colour Highlighting Tint. This can really be used a multitude of ways but the main way I used it was as a base under my foundation, sort of like a primer.  It comes out of it’s tube a really interesting peach shade and blends into the skin beautifully whilst giving it a nice understated glow. It contains no shimmer whatsoever which I love and looks amazing even if you don’t want to add foundation over it.

Comparing it to my regular primer that I use I found that it did help keep my makeup on for the exact same amount of time that my primer would maintain. The difference is this would cause any foundation applied on top of it to give of this most incredible dewy effect to the skin. Mixing this in with foundation also gives the same effect. As a highlighter over foundation, I’ll be honest I wasn’t really a fan simply because I found it a bit too subtle. I would have preferred it to be just a little more intense but I will say it does sit over foundation really nicely. This highlighting tint only comes in the one shade, Pink, and retails for 38.50 euros.

The other two products that I was sent are the Shimmering Powder Eye Duo (Subtle Chic) and I have to say I absolutely love the packaging of these so much!! They’re a pigment eyeshadow that actually have a brush applicator meaning there’s none of that mess that tends to happen with regular pigment shadows. I’ll be honest I did try these out as eyeshadows and though I liked the pigmentation of them and longevity that they had on the eyes, I found that these really worked better as highlighting shades.


The first shade #3 looks amazing as an inner corner highlight and placed under the browbone also. The colour of it is like this soft white pearl that’s shot through with gold. I would call it a dupe for MAC’s Vanilla pigment but this one has way more gold reflects in it than that one does.

The second shade #4 is a lovely rose gold that I think would look more incredible the darker the skin is because of the peach undertones that are in it. These pigments have really fine shimmer in them so there’s none of that chunky glitter. This means that they blend into the skin beautifully and the pigmentation of them is spot on. You do get both shades when you purchase this product from Artistry and they retail for 49.50 euros. The other shade available is called So Chic.


All in all this is an incredibly fun and pretty release from Artistry and I have genuinely loved testing and trying out these products. They have also released within the collection two different shades of Lip Shine Lipsticks (28.50 euros) and a Brow Kit (37.95 euros).

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: Some of the products featured on this site have been sent for review consideration by brand PR teams, however all opinions and comments are the authors. Any sponsored content (paid for product placement) will be clearly marked as such. All opinions remain the authors own, even when the content is sponsored

6 thoughts on “Artistry Modern Icon Collection

  1. Thank you for sharing! What brand is this? I know the name after your post but I have actually never heard of it 😮

    How much would you rate this brand and recommend to new people? 🙂



    1. Hi Emma! This is actually an American brand originally but you can purchase it online and they ship worldwide. It’s also available in some high end beauty stores but you’ll have to ask around for it. I absolutely love this brand and to be honest I myself have never heard of it until my friend told me about it. It’s not the cheapest brand on the market but it’s products have never really disappointed me so I would definitely pay the price. I hope that helps you decide if you want to try this brand or not xxx

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