EyeCandy Lashes

I sometimes feel like a broken record when I say that I don’t wear lashes everyday, and to some people it’s like I’ve spoken a cardinal sin. People these days are rocking lashes every single day and lashes for me are a strictly special occasion product and even then I like the ones that simply enhance what I already have by making them longer and fuller. I was recently sent a few lashes by the brand EyeCandy and though these lashes are good quality lashes I’m afraid I myself am not a huge fan of them.


I got sent three pairs in total, two of them are from their volumize range and the other is from their maximise range. Out of the three the 006 pair are the only ones I liked simply because they’re so natural looking on the eyes. Like I said these are very high quality lashes, the band is super thin and this pair specifically felt lightweight on the eyes. Brand wise the lashes are not for the faint of heart, they are designed to be noticed and to make a statement.


The second pair from their volumise range that I have is the number 004 and I honestly couldn’t wear these for longer than an hour because of the weight of them on my eyes. They are super thick, though the band is thin which shows how high quality they are. Cheap lashes then to come with a thick plastic band that you always feel whenever you blink. I recommend if you are going to be wearing lashes this thick to not bother really with an eye makeup look as the lashes will just end up covering it anyway. The same can be said for this next pair which is from their maximise range.


These lashes numbered 015 are the thickest out of the three I was sent and that because they’re actually layered lashes. By that I mean they’re two sets of lashes on top of on another and meshed together via the lash band. These are really not for me, I couldn’t wear them, they were just to thick and I naturally have small eyes so they just looked super unnatural on me. I thick these would be great if you were into cosplay or even for Halloween or even if you worked in theatre because they really give that over the top, dramatic look to the eyes.

All in all these lashes are high quality, have a nice thin lash band and are generally inexpensive. Would I wear them everyday, nope. Nor would I recommend them to daily lash wearers. I think these types of lashes are best reserved for costume parties and those that have a profession that requires heavy makeup.

-Talk Soon xx

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