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Wet’N’Wild Stardust & Sequins Collection

I’ve recently become slightly obsessed with Wet’N’Wild as a makeup brand especially because they are bringing out some of the most beautiful limited edition collections ever and their super affordable. Just before Christmas they brought out what they called their Stardust & Sequins collection and though it’s no longer available it is making a come back this May to all Wet’N’Wild stands. The collection consists of 4 pigments, the highly coveted gold highlighting bar, 4 nail polishes and 4 lipglosses along with two pairs of false lashes. From the collection I managed to get 2 of the four pigments and the highlighter.


The highlighter is definitely the star of this collection and I know I’m super lucky to have been able to get my hands on it as I know there are loads of beauty lovers on twitter crying out about how they couldn’t find this anywhere. Packaging wise it’s plastic but it is slightly more fancy then what’s typical for Wet’N’Wild. This time they’ve made the plastic more robust and they’ve added the cool addition of a pull out mirror from the side.


The highlighter is called Holly Gold-Headed and it’s got a bit of two toned effect to it. The many part of it is this intense true gold highlighting shade whereas the star imprint has a deeper more bronze shade to it. You can of course mix the two of them together if you want to or use them individually. Me personally I can’t bring myself to ruin the star so I’ve stuck to just using the gold part of the highlighter which is beautiful all on it’s own.


Formulation wise, it’s super creamy and soft and very easy to blend on the cheekbones. I found that the shimmer in it is very fine so you don’t get any of those harsh glitter flecks that some cheaper highlighters tend to have. The pigmentation is really really good so I highly recommend a light hand when using this as it’s very easy to go over board with its application.


The first of the pigments that I managed to get from the collection is Kung Fu Lightning. I have to say I love the packaging that the pigments come in. A lot of brands should get on board with this type of packaging. The jar of the pigment actually has a plastic tab that is used to close the sifter, meaning when you take off the black lid you don’t have to worry about product flying everywhere.



Kung Fu Lightning is lightest of the four pigments as far as I know. It really is what would be considered a soft champagne shade. I found this really good for using directly under the browbone to lift the brows slightly and give them more shape. The great thing about these pigments is that you get 2 grams of product in each jar so it really will last you quite a while.


The other shade that I managed to pick up is called Heart of Rose Gold and as it says, it’s a really deep intense rose gold. It has a stunning pink toned bronze undertone running through it so even if your just wearing it on its own on the eyes it tends to give a 3D effect to your makeup look making it look like you got more than one colour.


All of these products retailed at less that 5 euros and as far as I know the highlighter will be available to purchase again in May at all Wet’N’Wild stands.

-Talk Soon xx

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