Mad Beauty Products

Mad Beauty is a brand that I discovered only recently when I picked up their Disney Alice Makeup Palette in Boots over Christmas. Ever since finding that little gem I have been looking for their products left, right and centre and unfortunately really only can find them here in Ireland via their website which I have linked below. They honestly sell some of the cutest products, most of them are Disney themed whereas others just have cute designs on them. They are probably the best brand to go for when looking for stocking stuffers or for gifts that are affordable yet nice looking at the same time.


I have two products from their range to share today and the first of them is this set of three mini bath bombs that are from their Disney Tinkerbell range. The bath bombs come individually wrapped which is handy in case should you want to split the pack up. Though each of the bath bombs has its own individual colour I found that they all have the same scent to them.


I used an entire bath bomb for each bath that I had simply because their size is to small to break it in half and use it on two separate occasions. Lather wise it wasn’t the best, it gave some bubbles but nothing like the amount you get when using the Lush bath bombs. Texture wise these are very moisturising on the skin and I found that I didn’t need to use body moisturiser afterwards because my skin felt perfectly hydrated from them.

The second item that I have from the Mad Beauty range is one of their hand sanitizer. They have such a huge selection of these on their website and each one comes with a different outer design and a different scent. The one I have is the Sweet Marshmallow Fragrance and it has this adorable little hot choco mug on the front with loads of marshmallows in it.


The packaging is plastic which makes for lightness and it has a handy clip seal to prevent any accidental sprays whilst its in your handbag. I found that you need to use roughly around 3 sprays to get enough product on your hands and with the bottle only having 15mls of product I think you’ll use it up rather quickly. Not a bad thing considering it’s relatively inexpensive. The scent for me is a bit sickly sweet and to be honest doesn’t last that long. All in all not a bad product but at the same time I’m not blown away by it.

The bath bombs retail for 4.99 pounds which is roughly 6 euros. I personally think getting 2 Lush Bath Bombs would be better value. The hand sanitizer comes in at 2.99 pounds which is 4 euros. I totally recommend checking out their makeup products & Disney range but other than that I think there are more affordable and better versions of their products elsewhere.

-Talk Soon xx

Mad Beauty Website

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