Beauty Belle Snow Algae Mask

When it comes to masks I tend to be very traditional in that I like the old fashion masks that you apply from a jar and then wash of with a face cloth. These days it seems the trend for masks is the ones that are pre-soaked and made of fabric. Sheet masks have really exploded in the past few years in the beauty word simply because of the fact that they’re quick, easy and fast to use all whilst still getting the full benefits of your basic jar masks. I, myself haven’t really gotten on well with sheet masks because I find them a bit messy to use, some of them are too big, slide around too much on the face or not pre-soaked enough that they simply just fall off. All of these can’t be said about the Beauty Belle sheet masks which I have grown too love from the first use.


The mask that I have had the chance to try from Beauty Belle is their Snow Algae Ageless Beauty Mask. This is a sheet mask that has been pre-soaked in a mixture that contains Glacial Snow Algae and Hyaluronic Acid making it a super hydrating and plumping mask. The mask comes like all the other sheet masks on the market, in a simple one use sachet. The instructions for use can be read from the back and it is recommended to cleanse before using. I personally recommend that you cleanse before using any mask but that’s down to personal preference.


The mask interestingly has three layers to it, and is cut in several places to better help with it’s application on the face. The bottom layer of the mask is removed (this is a gauze type material) and the mask is applied. The upper layer can then be removed. This is how I applied it however you can just remove the upper and lower layer and apply the mask straight away however the gauze does help keep the mask a bit rigid so that does help it go on better onto the face.


The mask initially has a very cooling effect on the skin, but that wears off I would assume as your face gets used to it’s cold temperature. The mask didn’t move at all when I had it on bar the area under the nose which did keep slipping onto my lips but I find this happens with  most sheet masks. The mask is meant to be kept on for 15-20 mins but I always keep them on for longer. Mine stayed for a good solid hour.


My skin afterwards definitely felt tighter, hydrated and way more pump than it did before I applied the mask. I found that it stayed in this good condition for about two days so it would probably be good to use it two to three times a week. I would honestly also recommend this mask for a pick me up for the skin directly before a big event as it really does help makeup apply better onto the skin.

All Beauty Belle masks can be purchased directly from the their website which I have linked below.

-Talk Soon xx

Beauty Belle Website

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