Graham Anthony Skincare Event

On Wednesday the 15th of Feb, I had the immense pleasure of attending the Graham Anthony Skincare event which was hosted in the RHA Gallery in Dublin by MarketMatchPR. The event was put together specifically for the introduction of four totally new skincare brands onto the Irish beauty market. The venue was set up to showcase the entire collection of brands that Graham Antony represents as well as the four new ones. Each brand was allocated it’s own table with each brands hero product being prominently displayed in the centre of the venue’s floor.



The system for the night was that we would visit every table for each brand, get as much information from the representative at that table before moving onto the next. The representatives on the night, I have to say, were so smart, well-spoken and made me fall in love with each and every product from their designated brand.



There also an entire wall which showed the entire range of each brand also. We had the amazing option of swatching and trying out the different products from all the ranges after we visited their table. The first brand that I was shown was Uriage which is a French brand that uses the highest possible concentration of Thermal water making it very natural and great for those of us who have sensitive or acne prone skin. It’s hero product is Uriage Light Water Cream SPF 20.



Mustela was the next table, and this is a skincare brands that caters to babies especially new-borns. They have a cleansing water which is great for cleaning after each nappy change and their wipes are even more natural than the famous Water Wipes. Their hero product is the Mustela Barrier Cream which uses three different types of anti-inflammatory in it compared to other creams which only use one.

The only haircare brand present on the night was Phyto and this is an incredible brand to check out if you suffer from hair loss or hair thinning of any kind. Bioxine is the main competitor of this brand but that brand simply thickens the hair giving the illusion of more hair. Phyto actually has products that promote hair growth so you’re actually making your hair re-grow.

The other skincare brands present at the event were Payot, IDC Dermo, Delacrom, Filorga Paris and Alpha H. Payot & IDC Dermo are both natural based high end skincare brands that use good ingredients to detoxify the skin.

Delacrom is a brand that focuses on essential oils and the fragrances of those oils to help balance the skin and the mind. Healthy skin equals happier mindset.  Alpha H doesn’t really need to be discussed as it’s such a well know brand nowadays thanks to Caroline Hirons and it’s Hero product Liquid Gold.

The night honestly went by in a blur with me constantly talking asking questions and getting as much information about the different brands.

The four new brands which are hitting the Irish market in March are Lierac, Skeyndor, SVR and Filorga. Lierac and SVR are both going to be purchasable via pharmacies. Skeyndor is a spa only range and you will need to be trained in on it’s proper use.

Filorga is the go to brand if your looking for butox but don’t want to use the point needles. They also have more of their range coming out in May.

I want to say a huge thank you to Robert and Erica from MarketMatchPR for inviting me and meeting and greeting me on the night. I honestly had a blast and look forward to seeing all these brands on the shelves instores.

-Talk Soon xx

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