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Wet’N’Wild Spring into the Wild Collection

I’m a bit late on the bandwagon when it comes to featuring the brand Wet’N’Wild on my blog. It is definitely one of the most popular and affordable brands on the market. With their constant release of new collections, some limited and some not, they only seem to be growing in popularity. Recently I managed to get my hands on some product from their limited edition Spring Into The Wild collection. This collection has been out for a while and though it’s limited and a bit hard to find nowadays it is still available on the market for purchase.


There are two palettes available in the collection and I managed to get my hands on both. One thing to say about Wet’N’Wild eyeshadow palettes is that they cannot be knocked for their incredible pigmentation. All of their eyeshadows are super creamy and buttery soft. To make them even better they also blend to utter perfection.


The first of their palettes is called To In-Di-O I Go Go which is an interest play on the word Indigo I will say. The palette contains three eyeshadows and Wet’N’Wild always very handly labels them Browbone, Crease and Eyelid so that even beginners in makeup can use their products easily.

The browbone shade is a lovely true gold shade with a high shot of shimmer running through it. The crease shade a matte lavender shade that I will say is a bit on the powdery side. The eyelid shade is definitely the most unique of the three with its gorgeous turquoise blue colour. This shade also has high shimmer to it. All three of these eyeshadows have a good bit of fallout associated with them so I do recommend doing your base after your eyes when working with all Wet’N’Wild eyeshadows not just these palettes.


The second palette is called The New Romantic and is definitely the more wearable of the two. This one has a lot more of a softer approach when it comes to it’s colour selection. Also it has no matte shades. It comes in the same format as the Indigo palette in that you get the Browbone, Crease and Eyelid shades plus they come labelled also.

The browbone shade is a soft iridescent ivory shade that can be doubled up and used as an intense highlighter also. The crease shade is a pink toned shade that translates as more of a peach when worn on the lids. Finally the eyelid shade, much like the other palette, is the star of the show with it being this gorgeous lavender shimmer that looks beautiful even when it’s worn by itself.


The collection also has three highlighters within it’s range, however I only managed to get two as the first one was sold out. You can still get it via ebay and amazon however if any of you are interested in picking it up.


The first highlighter that I managed to get from the collection is called Sun Ceremony and it happens to be aptly named as it is very much a golden highlight shade that makes it look as if sunlight is running across the tops of your cheeks when wearing this.


The texture of these highlighters is rather stiff and you do need to go a bit heavy handed with your brush in order to get a decent highlight. If this was an expensive highlighter, that would definitely annoy me as I would end up finishing it up rather quickly but because of the price I think being a little bit heavy handed is ok in this case.


The second highlighter is called Desert Explorations and this one is definitely a more pink toned highlight and looks amazing on more paler skin tones in my opinion. I should mention that all these palettes did come with applicators but I do have a tendency to chuck them into the bin the minute I open the actual palettes up.


There is the one highlighter I didn’t find, 4 shades of nail polishes and 3 liquid liners also in the collection. All these products including the ones I’ve shown come at a price range of 4.95 euros and below.

-Talk Soon xx

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