Primark Metallic Cream Eyeshadows

A while back ago I got sent the press release for the Primark/Pennys (as it’s called here in Ireland) Metals Collection. I ended up doing an overview post of the collection which can be read here: Primark New Metals Collection. From that collection I was super excited to get my hands on the Metallic Cream Eyeshadows. I had wanted to get all four shades however I only managed to pick up three of them due to the fact that the first shade is super popular.


Now none of these eyeshadows are named or numbered and can only be differed from one another by the thin band on the tubeΒ that shows what the colour is. The first shade is very much what I would consider a soft rose gold shade that has a slight pinky undertone running through it.


The formulation of these eyeshadow is super creamy and highly pigmented. There’s not a lot of play time with these so I do recommend you work on one eye at a time when using them.



The second shade is a lot more of a bronze gold shade. This one is great if your looking to create a nice brown smoky eye look. I love that these eyeshadows come in a squeezy tube as I think any other type of packaging would cause them to dry out rather quickly. Each tube give you 9.5 mls of product (0.32 oz) and retail for 2.50 euros each.


The last shade that I own is the perfect gunmetal grey shade for creating an intense black smoky eye. These are a bit tough to blend, and you do tend to lose some of the shimmer when blending but for the price I think that’s to be expected.


I have tried using these as bases for eyeshadows, so in place of an eye primer but they do cause the eyeshadows to crease. If you stick to layering cream eyeshadows over them you don’t get this problem. Would I recommend you get these? To be honest, their not a must have. If you like products that you can slap on and be out the door with using 4 different colours than yes these are great for that kind of thing. If your into playing with your makeup then I don’t think these would make an essential addition to your collection.

-Talk Soon xx

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