Invogue Eyelashes

Eyelashes, for me are a beauty item that I reserve for special occasions simply because I believe that on a daily basis mascara is more than enough. Now even though I don’t wear them on a daily basis I still am a girl who likes to use good quality lashes regardless. I’ve tried so many brands and some I have loved and others I haven’t. Recently I was lucky enough to have been sent a few new lashes by the incredible brand Invogue. I call them an incredible brand because their lashes are nothing short of incredible. I got sent three pairs in total, two from their Glamourise range and one from their Volumise range.


You can differ between the Volumise lashes and the Glamourise lashes by their outer packaging. The Glamourise come in a purple tinted outer box whereas the Volumise ones come in a pink tinted box. The lashes from the Volumise range are definitely the ones I consider to be the most natural looking on the eyes out of the two ranges. I have the Volumise lashes in number #04 and this pair is brilliant for adding length to my lashes.


In general I have very short lashes so any pair of lashes instantly makes me look over done. I didn’t find this with these at all. I can wear these very comfortably throughout the day without even having a second thought that I have lashes on. This is also down to how lightweight these lashes are and this goes for the Volumise versions as well. You don’t feel these on your eyes, something I can’t say for other lash brands that I’ve tried.


The Volumise lashes range are definitely for when you want to add that something extra to your makeup look. Because of how each of the different pairs of lashes available in the range are cut, you can achieve different eye looks depending on the lashes you use. The #07 are a great choice for when your looking to achieve that cat-eye, elevated at the corners eye look.


They have a tapered edge and the outer lashes are longer than the inner corner ones. These I found look amazing when you just have a nice winged liner on your eyes. Also I found these made my eyes bigger because of their shape. All of the lashes come with their own brand eyelash glue. The glue has a blue tint to it that disappears slowly as it dries. The only negative is that it’s a one time use tube so when you want to reuse these lashes you have to purchase your own lash glue to use with them. Yes, These lashes are re-usable and I’ve found I got roughly 10 uses out of one pair.


Definitely my favourite from the three that I own is the Glamourise #10 lashes. These lashes give the illusion that you have super thick, super full looking lashes that aren’t over the top whatsoever. They also have the added effect of making your eyes look rounder because the lashes in the centre of the band are longer the ones on the outer corners.


The band on these lashes is actually a clear band which means once the glue dries clear you don’t need to add liner to your look if you don’t want too because there’s no need to hide the band. These lashes are available to purchase online from the Invogue International website (linked below), Amazon, and are also available in Beauty Stores, Asda, Bodycare and some other local beauty outlets.

-Talk Soon xx

Invogue International Website

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