Soap & Glory The Fab Pore

I think this is a first feature for the brand Soap & Glory here on my blog, which is a surprise because I absolutely love their products. Their Kick Ass Concealer is a holy grail product for me as it’s a direct dupe for the Laura Mercier Secret Camoflage but I disgress. Today I’m here to talk to you guys about this incredible mask called The Fab Pore which is a 2-in-1 facial mask and peel.


Now this product is targeted for oily/combo skin but to be quite frank I say ignore that because personally I think everyone needs this in their skincare arsenal. A tub of this contains 50mls of the interesting looking green clay mask. The peel side of things comes from the fact that there are tiny little granules as part of the masks texture.


Another great property of this mask is its smell! OMG it smells soo good, like fresh pine trees on a winter morning, ok I’m exaggerating but you get what I mean. I smells fresh, clean, minty and a bit like sea. The main selling point with this mask is that it helps minimise the appearance of pores and help reduce their size. To be honest I didn’t find much of a difference with regards to my pores after using this mask so I really don’t think those claims are 100% accurate.


However the main reason why I think everyone should go out an try this mask for themselves is that it genuinely clears and brightens every inch of ones complexion. I used this once, I repeat once and the sun marks that I usually have to cover with foundation wereΒ 2 shades lighter. By the third use they were gone.


Basically what I’m saying is that if you have any sort of discoloration to your skin than this is the mask that you need to get. Simple as that, I didn’t find good for anything else but if it gets rid of discolouration it doesn’t need to be. Full price this retails for 13.99 euros butΒ Soap & Glory always are on buy one get the other half price in Boots.

-Talk Soon xx


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