Platinum Hair Extensions Goodie Bag

A quick little message before I get into this post, a while ago I posted my blog post all about Meeting Sali Hughes and in that post I stated that everybody in the audience received a goodie bag. I’ve decided not to go through that goodie bag in separate blog post simply because I didn’t get much in it. All it had was a Dundrum Umbrella & Notebook, a box of Butlers chocolate & dark chocolate bar, vouchers and a Newbridge Christmas Tree Ornament which I’ve decided to re-gift. That being said I do however want to go through the raffle prize that I received on the day but that’ll be for another post. For today I’m going to be going through my Party with Platinum Hair event goodie bag.



Though the bag is small it did come with a bunch of lovely products. The first being very edible 🙂 I got this lovely Ferrero Rocher Chocolate inside this beautiful packaged parcel. I know that it’s just chocolate but I had a very indulgent time eating this because of the way it was presented.

The second item is probably the nicest from the goodie bag. This is the Platinum Hair Extensions brush which is designed specifically for brushing out hair extensions without damaging them. I’ve tried it out on my natural hair and it works just as well. I’m delighted I got this because I’m planning on getting on of the Platinum Prestige New Crown Collection Extensions so I can make my hair thicker and longer without the commitment of glued in extensions.


The last of the goodie bag are these two deluxe sized bottles. One of the them is the Platinum Hair Extensions Shampoo and the other the conditioner. They’re specfically formulated for hair that has hair extensions in but I have to say that I used them on my natural hair and they made it super soft. Definitely recommend regardless of whether or not you have hair extensions in.

I had an amazing time at the Party with Platinum Hair event and want to thank the girls over at RDC_Dublin for inviting me 🙂

-Talk Soon xx



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