Crabtree & Evelyn Goodie Bag

If you’ve read my recent post all about the lovely night I had at the Merrion Hotel, Dublin for the Crabtree & Evelyn Christmas PR Event than you would know that at the end of that night I was gifted with a lovely gift bag from the girls at Rachel Dalton Communications. For this post I’m simply going to be going through the lovely box of hand creams that I got inside my gift bag.


On the night of the event we had the pleasure of getting our hands massaged by the lovely Sinead (who works professionally as a hand massager…didn’t know there was such a job if I’m honest!) and she used the scent Gardener on my hands for my massage.

sam_2568 Gardener is a lovely spicy warm scented hand cream that is perfect for the autumnal months. It’s probably the heaviest of the three but it’s also my favourite simply because of the scent.



The second scent in the set is called La Source and I found this to be quite light and refreshing almost as if they managed to capture the scents of the sea within the cream. Texture wise all three of the hand creams are the same. They only really differ with their scent and their outer packaging colour.


Last of hand creams is Caribbean Island Wild Flowers and this is a floral scent that is lighter than Gardener but heavier than La Source in fragrance. I’m not a fan of this scent in all honesty but I will still use it because I love how hydrating these hand creams are however I find that if I use them throughout the day they can cause my hands to become overly slippey so I tend to only really used them at night, so they can soak in as I sleep.

I honesty had one of the nicest nights for the event, the food was great and the company even better! Though these are part of the Crabtree & Evelyn Christmas releases you can still purchase these hand creams individually.

-Talk Soon xx

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