♥ My Love for Swarovski ♥

Jewellery is something I have a huge passion for but I haven’t really shown my passion for it on my blog because I’ve really based my blog on being completely makeup retailed. I think for the year 2017 I’m gonna change it up a bit and make more beauty related and jewellery is beautiful so I think it slots in rather nicely. Now when I say jewellery I’m not talking about the pieces you get from pennys/primark for a euro. Not that there’s anything wrong with those pieces but I do like my jewellery to last longer than a month & to stay the same colour that I bought it.


Most of my jewellery comes from either Pandora or Alex and Ani however recently I’ve been very drawn to Swarovski jewellery and I’m going to show you some key pieces that I picked up recently from them. This first item I’ve had my eye one for quite some time, it’s one of their main piece for Spring/Summer 2016 so it’s not new to their line. This is part of the Sea of Sparkle collection and it’s one of the three rings that they released.


I love the  colours that they used to create this ring. I also like the structure of it and how it has a gap between the stones in the front. Makes it just a little bit unique next to the regular rings that I have in my collection. This ring retails for 129 euros full price.


These next two pieces are however relatively new to their line as they only launched this Autumn/Winter of 2016. This piece come from the Swarovski Winter Gardens Collection and I personally got the earrings and the bangle from the range.


The earrings give of a very teardrop effect when worn. They have a secure clasp to them which means they won’t be falling out of your ears when wearing them. My main reason for getting these pieces was that I was super drawn to the amazing onyx coloured crystals that Swarovski have used to create these pieces. The colour simply pops against the rose gold.


The bangle though beautiful, is probably not the most versatile piece to pick up from Swarovski probably because you can’t wear it on a daily basis. It has a flip back open and close effect to putting it on meaning that if it gets caught on anything it will unfornately slip of your arm. Learnt this the hard way, and do remember that these have crystals in them not cubic zircona meaning they will shatter and scratch easily if not careful. If you drop it though Swarovski do have an excellent customer service and will repair it within 3 weeks (it’s how I got mine fixed).


I got another bracelet set however this time the matching piece is actually a ring. This bangle is called the Swarovski Every Bangle and it’s definitely a more versatile piece than the one I showed above thanks to is closure.


This open actually has a open and close clip mechanism to getting it on and off. This means there’s no risk whatsoever of it accidently fallen off. It’s also a lot easier to pair with outfits as it doesn’t have any colour to it’s crystals & the rose gold is gorgeously beautiful as always.


The matching Swarovski Every Ring is just as nice as it’s bracelet. I had wanted to get this ring to fit my index finger however they didn’t have a big selection of sizes, something I noticed with most rings in Swarovski, so if you have large hands or simply what bigger sizes for different fingers their not really the best to cater to that particular thing. That said it’s still a gorgeous ring and so I ended up getting it for my ring finger, and wear it when I wear the matching bangle.

These last two items are actually my one year anniversary gifts from my husband. We hit our one year anniversary on the 16th of January and so he ended up surprising me with the classic Swarovski Crystalline Oval Watch in rose gold. I’ll be honest I’ve had my eye on this watch for quite a while and my husband went a step further an picked me up the Exclusive Set (which cannot be purchased anymore) and this comes with the Swarovski Subtle Bracelet and an extra leather strap that can be changed between the metal strap.



It seems he was inspired in store by Karlie Kloss’s poster showcasing the watch and got me a similar bracelet to hers to go with my watch. The only difference is hers is white whereas he got mine in the gold dust colour. This is one of the newer shades introduced into the Crystaldust cuffs.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what I’ve been loving from Swarovski as far as jewellery goes. I’m always on the hunt for new jewellery brands that are of a high quality so if you have an suggests for me please let me know in the comments below!

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: Karlie Kloss poster used in this post is official property of Swarovski™ and Karlie Kloss and is being used for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain.



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