✨ My Magic Place ✨

The time we take to apply our make-up is sometimes the only real time we get to ourselves in a day. It’s odd isn’t it to think of such a simple routine task in that way. That we do this everyday without a second thought to it. Make-up for me is an art and I always tend to get caught up in the make-up itself, the products and the process of applying it all. I always find it a bit like magic the way a simple dab of concealer can remove a night’s restless sleep. Or how a swipe of bronzer across the temples can make you seem like you’ve spent a week in the sun. Using make-up to create what I call magic requires something important and that something is a place to do it all.


For me my vanity is my favourite spot in my entire bedroom. It may not be the Instagram worthy image of a vanity but it works for me and I love spend the few minutes or hours (depending on where I’m headed) doing my make-up at it. Everyones vanity is different and so for that reason I’m not going to simply show you my vanity, instead I’ve pulled together some inspiration photos from the web of what I would design as a vanity table/set-up if I was ever given the chance too. Most of my images are from the website Arhaus, which is a high-end furniture stockist. I’ve used this site because they have some really nice, vintage and unique looking pieces which I think suit perfectly for my style of vanity designing.

I think one of the main items a girl needs as part of her vanity is of course the main desk where she can prop and display all the pretty things that her heart desires. I personally have fallen in love with the Arhaus Isla Mirrored Writing Desk because of it’s worn slightly distressed look. I also love that it has a few small drawers as part of it meaning you can store your favourite day to day products that you use as part of your makeup routine. Another desk that I adore is the Amelia Writing Desk In Ivory but this one comes in second due to it’s lack of drawers.


I would totally style both of these desks with natural light lamps on either side of the mirror area, similar to the photo above. I would also probably display my brushes in brush holders and have beautiful feature plates to hold some jewellery pieces that I like to wear regularly. Flowers are also a great option to brighten up ones vanity as are candles, especially if they smell nice.


If simply side lamps aren’t sufficient I would totally go with a floor lamp to hang over slightly, or be taller than your vanity in order to add the proper lighting to ease your makeup application. With any vanity, the chair is just as essential as the table itself. This is one is slightly more difficult to choose as you need it to be both nice looking as well as comfortable. Most people tend to go with the fluffy types of chairs such as the one in the image above.


Me however I’m more into the chair that have more of an old fashioned look to them, that brings together vintage with the modern. Something like the Arhaus Tenley 28 chair or the Arhaus Merle Corner Chair though I think this would require some sort of cushion to rest your back against.

The small details are the things that are going to bring the entire room together, rugs, trays to display the many perfumes one owns, a mirror on the way in case you don’t want a table top one. Another element though it’s not one I think everyone needs is a chest of drawers. For me it’s simply to sort all the makeup and skincare products I have that I require for my job as a blogger. This would be displayed somewhere close to my vanity, I may even prop the perfume tray on top of it too.


This post was really fun for me to do and I think it’s a really nice to put some thought into what one would consider their Magic Place, were they can relax, enjoy time to themselves and do whatever magically act they desire. It may not even be putting on makeup! Maybe your a hair fanatic who loves trying different hair styles, or a person who just likes décor and making places look pretty either way I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that the images that I’ve used have given you some sort of idea of what kind of vanity I would adore to have. That said I do love my basic wooden vanity all the same 🙂

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: Some images used in this post are not my own, and have no source other than the web. If you spot an image belonging to you and wish to have it credited or removed please contact the owner of this site via the contact page in the tabs at the top of the page. All HD images are property of Arhaus™ and have been used with the permission of a brand PR representative.


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