Bioderma New Additions

There was a time when Bioderma was a skincare brand that only existed for me through the girls on YouTube who were lucky enough to travel to France and be able to purchase it. Nowadays that’s not the case as Bioderma has become a world requested brand and every single country wants to stock and sell because it’s so good. They’re constantly growing and so is their product range. Recently they’ve vamped up their Atoderm range by adding three new products to the line. I hope to be able to provide reviews of the new products but for this post I’m simply going to be showing you what they are.


Two of the releases are bodycare products and each of them has a different formulation. One of them is a gel shower gel, and this one is meant to be super gentle on the skin. Both of these shower gels have a bit of a cleansing property to them which you want when it comes to cleaning the skin on your body. They’ve released these new shower gels in 1 litre bottle sizes and 200ml. The 200ml one is great for travel or if your trying it out for the first time to see if you like the product. It’s great that they have the larger option because I know from my own experience that shower gel tends to get used up fairly quickly.

The second formulation is actually an oil shower gel, and this one is really targeted towards skin that has a lot of irritation associated with it. Irritation of the skin can sometimes come about from de-hydration or from skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis and this type of product is great for soothing and re-hydrating the skin without any harsh ingredients.

thumbnail_atoderm%20hands%20%20nails%20rrp%20e5-50Last addition to the Atoderm line is a Ultra Repair Hand Cream and this is for those of use who suffer with super dry hands in the winter. I myself have been using the Nügg Beauty De-Stress Mask followed by the Mandara Spa (review coming soon) hand cream but that’s on it’s last legs so I’m looking forward to trying a new hand cream when this is released.

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: All images used in the post have been acquired via brand PR representative and are for illustrative purposes only and not for profit gain. All images remain property of Bioderma™.

3 thoughts on “Bioderma New Additions

    1. I love their micellar water too! Definitely a holy grail for me. I’ve used hand creams from them before and have always been impressed so I’m sure you’ll get on with it. Let me know anyhow xxx


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