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Is it me or is the weather getting colder and colder these days? I’m finding the temperature dropping day by day and to be quite frank my lips are feeling it too. I’ve been for the past few weeks since I got them been using the Ruth’s Natural Skincare lip-balms and to be honest if it wasn’t for them I  would propably have the sorest lips ever. I was generously given these lip balms by Ruth herself who is such an inspiration woman in that she started up her own cosmetics business and is selling only natural handmade products.


All of these lip balms have the same basic twist-up white tube packaging. It’s convenient, simple and easy to use. They’re also light enough and small enough to fit into any clutch or handbag. Sometimes the lip-balms that come in jars may look beautiful but they’re a nuisance to take on the go. The different flavours/scents of the lip-balms is the only thing that’s different on each tube. Each scent/flavour has it’s own colour and that how you differ between them.


These lip-balms have one of the nicest formulations that I’ve used in awhile. The texture of them is just right in that they have the right amount of slip to them to be applied evenly on the lips but at the same time they don’t go sliding all over the mouth. They would be considered very satin like on the lips. They also have just the right amount of matiness to them that they can be used under lipsticks and liquid lipsticks without changing the finish of the lipstick itself.


These lip-balms fully moisturise the lips and help them maintain hydration. I normally have the problem where if I get a new lip-balm, it works the first few times on my lips and them it stops having an effect and my lips revert to being chapped. I didn’t find this happening with these lip-balms. They’ve honestly gotten me through the entire month of December without any flaky, chapped lips 🙂


The five flavours/scents are as follows:

  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Patchouli
  • Peppermint
  • Natural

If you have really sensitive skin I recommend staying away from any of the fragranced ones and sticking to the natural. My personal favourites are the Lavender and Lemon. The Peppermint one is lovely but it does create a slight tingly effect on the lips on initial application. My least favourite is the Patchouli, I simply didn’t like the scent but the balm itself is still lovely to use.


All of these products are available to purchase in various pharmacies and health stores around Ireland. If you want to find a stockist near you I recommend you check out Ruth’s website (linked below) which lists all the available stockist on it.

-Talk Soon xx

Ruth’s Website

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