Mary Jean Body Butters

Body-care is not something I really give much importance to in my day to day life. It’s simply because I have my mind set to if it smells nice and sinks into the skin quickly it’s good, if it doesn’t its not. That being said I’ve really never given much thought to the ingredients that are in the many body products that I’ve used over the years. Mary Jean is a brand that was recently introduced to me on Twitter and after having a look at their products online, I actually got in touch with them like a eager little bunny. This resulted in them sending me out two of the Body Butters which I plan to review for you guys 🙂


Now I said that they sent me two but I have used the other one so much that its current state is un-photographable. That being said they’re both the same in packaging and vary only in smell and label colour (the Lavender one has a lilac coloured label). Packaging wise they’re a bit small, you only get 50 grams of product in the jar. With regards to me I found that a jar like this, used on a daily basis lasted for roughly 2 weeks for my full body, neck down.

sam_2402Though I wish it was in a larger jar, I absolutely love the consistence of this body butter. It has a solid form and melts into an oil when in contact with your body heat. It absorbs super fast into the skin  and the scent lingers for a good solid 12 hours. I really do recommend saving these for after morning showers just so you can retain the scent of it for the day. The two scents that I have are Tea Tree & Peppermint and Lavender. It’s a bit obvious that I prefer the Lavender one out of the two scents but that’s not to say the Tea Tree one isn’t nice.

sam_2403The scent of the Lavender one can be described a being the more feminine of the two, because it has a nice subtle floral note to it. The Tea Tree has a nice fresh scent to it that is very reminiscent of Pine Trees and early mornings. I think the Tea Tree one would be brilliant to use if you’ve got a cold or blocked nose as the scent of it is very uplifting.

Both these body butters are available on the Mary Jean website which I have linked below and retail for 9.99 pounds each (roughly 11.99 euros).

-Talk Soon xx

Mary Jean Website

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