Cellex-C Hydrasmooth Enhancer

Moisturizer is definitely one of the products within ones skincare that you can certainly save when is comes to purchasing it. Most of the benefits that the skin requires can be sought by using a good serum. Sometimes though I come across a product that can save me just a little more time when it comes to daily life and my routine. I’m talking about my recent discovery of the Cellex-C International Hydrasmooth Enhancer. For transparency I will say that I didn’t discover this by myself, it was sent to me but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a good product to own.


The jar contains 60mls of product within in it, and though the outer packaging is rather boring, the product itself has an interesting lilac colour to it. It does not smell great but then again I really wasn’t expecting it to with the entirety of the product being so clinical. The cream itself has a thick consistency similar to that of yogurt which makes sense seeing as the main ingredient is in fact a probiotic extract.


I have to say there is definitely an ingredient in this product that causes it to have the double effect of not only being a moisturizer but also acting like a primer on the skin. The texture of this cream when applied to the skin causes any pores, fine lines and wrinkles to instantly be redefined and perfected, giving that air-brush effect. It doesn’t contain any silicone so they’ve obviously used something else in it’s place.


The cream claims to “promote younger looking skin” and with the fact that it has a primer effect on the skin I do agree that it makes the skin look younger. However I have found that if I stop using it and use my regular moisturiser (Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb (Day)) with a different primer, my skin looks a bit lack lustre so the whole “promote” thing isn’t really true in my opinion.


Cellex-C products are available to Ireland via website and to those living in the UK you’ve got Harvey Nicholas as well.

-Talk Soon xx

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