TooFaced Sweet Peach Collection

It’s back! The incredible TooFaced Sweet Peach palette is back and it’s brought a few new friends with it too. This palette was released last year by TooFaced and for those of you who were lucky to get well done, but not many people were so fortunate. TooFaced could not keep this palette in stock and it’s fan base has demanded it’s return. TooFaced listened it would be seem but rather than just releasing the palette all on it’s lonesome, they created an entire peach collection to go with it.

Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette
44 euros

“A palette of 18 peach-scented eye shadows for limitless, timeless and modern looks.”



  • White Peach (Matte Vanilla CrΓ¨me)
  • Luscious (Pearl Peach Champagne)
  • Just Peachy (Shimmering Peachy Pink)
  • Bless Her Heart (Golden Moss)
  • Tempting (Bronzed Black)
  • Charmed, I’m Sure (Matte Medium Cool Brown)
  • Nectar (Pearly Peachy Cream)
  • Cobbler (Peachy Pinked Bronze)
  • Candied Peach (Matte Coral with Violet Shimmer)
  • Bellini (Gilded Peach)
  • Peach Pit (Satin Perfect Raisin)
  • Delectable (Matte Smoky Amethyst)
  • Peaches’N’Cream (Matte Milky Peach)
  • Georgia (Matte Peachy Pink)
  • Caramelized (Dark Gilded Bronze)
  • Puree (Metallic Dark Bronze)
  • Summer Yum (Matte Gingerbread)
  • Talk Derby to Me (Dark Black with Violet Hue)


Sweet Peach Glow
40 euros
Shades: Highlighter, Blush, Bronzer

“Peach-Infused highlighting palette with three shades for a lit-from-within luminous glow”


Sweet Peach Creamy Lip Oil
17 euros each
Shades: Peach Fuzz, Papa Don’t Peach, Peach-sickle, Pure Peach, Peach Please!, Poppin’ Peach, Peach Tease, Tickle-Me Peach.

“A whipped peach lip oil with the shine ofΒ a gloss and the moisture of a lip balm.”


Papa Don’t Peach Blush
28 euros

“Infused with the essence of peach, this blush smells like peaches, and its rich, pigmentation provides buildable payoff.”


The entire collection will be available in Debenhams on the 16th of January and is already available online on the Debenhams website.

-Talk Soon xx

Disclaimer: All images used in this post have been acquired via brand PR representative and are for illustrative purposes only. All images remain property of TooFaced Cosmeticsβ„’.

8 thoughts on “TooFaced Sweet Peach Collection

    1. Totally agree with you! I do however recommend the palette as my friend has it from last year and the pigmentation & formulation is spot on xxx everything else is down to luck 😊😊


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