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Vincent Longo Thinstick Lipstick

Vincent Longo is a makeup artist who decided to create his own makeup brand back in 1995  and to be frank the product that I’m going to be reviewing today brings back a few reminiscent memories for me. Vincent Longo Thinstick Lipstick has magically managed to remind me of my childhood days when mom would whip out her Revlon Colourstay Lipstick and apply it on her lips before heading to the door to meet and greet friends. I may have been a child but I was still mesmerized by the intense red colour that it had produced with one single swipe.


Let’s start this review off by looking at packaging and just to get it out of the way it’s very similar to the old Revlon Colourstay ones. This one is just a bit thicker and shorter. I love that they used black as a colour as it allows the lipstick so have that slim chic design to the outer package. The logo is written beautifully across the tube in turquoise lettering.


The shade that I have is called London and it is very much similar to the red that Londoners use to paint their Buses. The formulation of this can be considered sheer but if you apply several layers you can get a lovely deep shade. Pigmentation is brilliant even though it’s sheer and I totally recommend using it over filled lined lips. On the lips the colour is super shiny and moisturising. I also found it nice and light on the lips but I will say that it doesn’t have the lasting power of a matte formulation.


It does need to be re-applied as soon as you eat which is why I recommend wearing liner underneath it. This is very much a great product for the summer months especially when you want to have that fresh clean look to your makeup look.

-Talk Soon xx

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