Ren Minis

Don’t you just love minis! Mini perfume, mini shampoo and mini skincare 😍 their so small and tiny and that simply makes you what to use them even more than their full-sized versions. I’ve recently received a lovely package from Ren Skincare that contained the Ren Express Make-Up Remover, Ren Skincare: Flash HYDRO-BOOST and a few lovely minis as added samples to try out and I think it’s about thing I wrote about it.

sam_2007 The first of these is the Ren Skincare Daily Supplement Moisturising Cream and this is a lovely thick daily moisturiser. I personally love using this to mix in with heavier foundations to make them lighter in texture or even to lighten darker foundations (this works because its a white cream). I found this super hydrating and really great as a layer to pop on even without makeup just to protect the skin from the winter weather.

sam_2008I also got the Ren Skincare Glycolatic Radiance Renewal Mask which I’ve been meaning to try out for quite a while now. I should pop in a warning right now that this does contain Glycholic acid and so a good SPF is needed for the days following it’s use. I’ve used this twice now and both times I experienced a slight tingling to my skin which is generally expected when it comes to acid masks. I found it brightened my skin significantly which is perfect for evening the skin tone.

sam_2009Last of the minis is the Ren Skincare Instant Firming Beauty Shot which I know is a favourite among celebrities for use just before a big event and rightly so. It really tightens, lifts and smoothes out imperfection on the skin. This makes the face look airbrushed for a total of 24 hours and then unfortunately your back to requiring another shot of it. All Ren Skincare products are available at Castle Pharmacy, Waterford and Arnotts Dublin.

-Talk Soon xx  

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