Nügg Beauty De-Stress Mask

I think this is the fourth mask that I’ll be featuring on the blog from Nügg Beauty. For any of the others check out the links at the bottom of this post but for today I’ll be focusing on their De-Stress mask. This mask is without a doubt a life saver! I mean as much I love the others in the range this one is simply the best for calming the skin and taking away any stress that the skin might be feeling. With the ever-changing weather and the bitter wind that Irish weather brings in it’s winter months, my skin, especially my hands have been feeling dry, sore and very very stressed.


Now masks are generally intended for the face but Nügg Beauty actually recommends their masks for use on the face, neck and hands (and if you have enough of one, the tops of the feet). I’ve been using this mask for my hands as of late and they’ve simply become refreshed. I apply a small amount, not to much, I don’t slather it on like I would if I was applying it to the face. Just enough to maintain a thin layer of it across the hands. Once the mask has sunk in I don’t wash it off, straight in with your favourite hand cream is the way to go (I’ve been using the Mandara Spa one …review coming soon!)


I definitely recommend this in place of all of those sheet hand masks I’ve been seeing these days. It’s less messy, less expensive in the long run and more beneficial for the skin in my opinion. I always recommend you store the excess mask in a small acrylic pot once you open the pod.

-Talk Soon xx

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