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Labello Lip Balm

My oh my it’s been quite while since I’ve used a typical chapstick lip balm for my lips. These days with all the fancy lip masks and high end hydrating lipglosses we tend to forget what made all those products available to use in the first place. The most iconic lip balms from my childhood have got to be Vaseline, Nivea and of course the star of today’s post Labello.


As a fun twist for the Christmas months Labello has brought out it’s original formula lip balm in six fun neon coloured packaged tubes. At first I didn’t really get this concept but after reading the press release I think it’s a great idea and way more brands should do it. It’s a lot more fun to pull out a brightly coloured tube of lip balm or even a matching lip balm coloured to match your outfit at all the Christmas Parties that tend to happen this time of year. There’s nothing nicer than having pretty packaging and sometimes to get that you need to buy a different product all together.


The colour that I was sent is this love bright Neon Yellow tube which I absolutely love! Everywhere I go that I whip this out I get questions as to what it is. People just aren’t used to seeing such brightly coloured packaging for a simply tube of lip balm. The other colours available are Neon Pink, Green, Purple, Blue and Orange. The most cool thing about them is that they glow under UV light! So make sure to take these with you to any nightclubs you go to over Christmas ;).


Formulation wise it’s still the same as it’s always been, slightly hydrating with a slight slip for a comfortable feel  for the lips. It’s gone as soon as you eat or drink but that just means you can pull it back out to re-apply! These retail for a simple 2.50 euros so if your in the market for a new lip balm why not have fun with it. These are limited edition though so keep an eye out if interested.

-Talk Soon xx

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